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Dear Clients,

Appointment booking is available for all our consultations, laboratory tests, advanced diagnostic examinations, surgical interventions, and dental treatments.

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Consultations price list - Medicover Eiffel Clinic, Alkotás Clinic, and Medicover Hospital

The price lists do not contain the fee of all available tests and services, for further information please call our Customer Service line on +36 1 465 3100.

English consultations and findings

For an English consultation, we charge an extra fee of HUF 9 000 in addition to the price of the examination. The medical opinion and finding will be issued in Hungarian also in this case, the English finding has an extra fee of HUF 15 000.

If you do not find the item you are looking for, please use the search box above the price list

ExaminationPrice (HUF)
Laboratory testsMore >>
Arrhythmology (treatment of heart rhythm disorders)25000
Internal medicine specialty examination
Dermatological specialty examination27000
CT with contrast agentfrom 49000
CT without contrast agentfrom 24000
Endocrinological specialty examination
ENG/EMG examination (1 limb)27000
ENG/EMG examination (2 wrists or 2 or more limbs)40000
Vascular surgery specialty examination22500
Otolaryngological (ENT) specialty examination with intervention29000
Otolaryngological (ENT) specialty examination with special intervention
Otolaryngological (ENT) specialty examination
Gastroenterology specialty consultation
Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound imaging28000
Haematology specialty examination 25000
Hydrogen breath test20000
Joint ultrasound imaging28000
Cardiac specialty follow-up examination
Cardiac checkup package (Cardiac specialty examination + Cardiac ultrasound + ECG)50000 DISCOUNT
Lumbar spine X-ray (2 views)15000
Chest X-ray (2 views)15000
MRI with contrast agentfrom 87000
MRI without contrast agentfrom 42000
Neurological specialty examination
Gynecological specialty examination with cytology and transvaginal ultrasound imaging
Resting ECG
Orthopedic specialty examination
Thyroid ultrasound imaging28000
Peripheral vascular Doppler ultrasound imaging28000
Ingrown nail removal with surgical specialist examination35000
Histology (by piece) 13000
Lesion check-up, Suture removal10000
Proctology specialty examination25000
Proctology specialty examination with rectoscopy29000
Psychiatry specialty examination, first consultation45000
Psychiatry specialty examination, follow-up consultation27000
Pulmonology specialty examination27000
Rheumatology specialty examination
Ophthalmology specialty examination27000
Tomosynthesis (mammography)32000
Traumatology specialty examination25000
Urological specialty examination27000
Medicover Start health check up package36000
Cardiac MRI with contrast agent110000
Electrotherapy (per treatment)8000
Physiotherapy (per treatment)8000
Physiotherapy laser (per treatment)9000
English finding15000
E-Doctor - Phone consultation14000 DISCOUNT
Diabetology specialty examination35000
Post COVID-19 cardiac basic package69000 DISCOUNT
Post COVID-19 basic package + cardiac MRI examination169000 DISCOUNT
ABPM monitoring evaluation28000
ECG 24-hour Holter monitoring evaluation28000
Carotid duplex ultrasound28000
Infant/child joint ultrasound28000
Infant/child soft tissue ultrasound27000
Other soft tissues (testicles/lymph-regions)28000
Child abdominal ultrasound27000
Neural ultrasound28000
Cervical soft tissue ultrasound25000
Renalis color duplex ultrasound22500
Cardiac ultrasound28000
Therapeutic massage8000
Pregnancy genetic ultrasound examination - Trimester I30000
Pregnancy genetic ultrasound examination - Trimester II30000
Pregnancy ultrasound examination - Trimester III30000
Pregnancy genetic ultrasound examination - Trimester I (twin pregnancy)60000
Pregnancy genetic ultrasound examination - Trimester II (twin pregnancy)60000
Pregnancy ultrasound examination - Trimester III (twin pregnancy)60000
Week 12 genetic ultrasound examination + combined test (Trimester I)43950 DISCOUNTED PACKAGE
Neurosurgical/spinal surgery specialty consultation27000
Complex breast diagnostics (tomosynthesis + breast ultrasound)60000
Bone density test ODM
Helicobacter breath test17500
Sleep diagnostics (at home, screening test with respiratory puse oximetry)20000

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The listed prices are available for Clients with Medicover Health Insurance and/or a valid Hungarian social security number (TAJ). If you do not have a Hungarian social security number or Medicover Health Insurance, the prices may vary from those listed here.

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