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Thoracic spine CT scan

Thoracic spine CT is used to examine the bones of the spine. The specialist will get an idea of ​​the joints between the vertebrae of the back, the distances between the vertebrae, the condition and structure of the vertebral bodies, the zygapophysis and possible bone degenerations. thoracic spinal CT is often used after spinal surgeries because it provides an excellent picture of the position of the implants and ossification.

The advantage of the examination is that it can also be performed on those for whom spinal MRI examination is not applicable – e.g. in the case of a pacemaker, or claustrophobia.

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What kind of preparation is required?

In all cases, a consultation with the treating physician is required before the CT examination, because due to the radiation exposure, the CT scan can only be performed on the basis of a medical recommendation. However, native examination requires no special preparation. Nevertheless, we recommend that you do not eat for 6 hours before the scan. Anyone who comes for an examination with contrast agent is not allowed to eat for 6 hours beforehand!

Prior to a contrast-enhanced CT scan, metformin medications for diabetes should be discontinued 48 hours prior to the examination and resumed 48 hours after the scan.

Are there any side effects?

The scan has no side effects, the patient does not feel anything. The contrast agent can very rarely cause a reaction, but anyone who is allergic to it, the examination cannot be performed.

When can the examination not be performed?

This examination is performed using X-rays, therefore CT examination during pregnancy is contraindicated because it can be dangerous for the unborn child. Very rarely, only with a doctor’s professional indication, but only after a certain week of pregnancy, we also examine pregnant women.

How is the thoracic spine CT scan performed?

The CT device resembles a large, thick ring with a table moving at the bottom. You are lying on this table during the CT scan. During operation, it makes a sound as if a small airplane was about to take off. Do not be afraid of it.

When performing a thoracic spinal CT scan, the patient is usually lying on their back. When this is not possible, in such exceptional cases, the examination may be performed while lying on your side or on your abdomen.

When is the result expected?

The completed recording will be reviewed by the radiologist and the result will be available in our online system after 3 working days.

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