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Surgical procedures

The tasks of the surgical inpatient department

Surgical procedures can often be performed within the framework of so-called day surgery, but there are operations that require hospitalization, specialist supervision and nursing aftercare. All of this is available in the inpatient department of Medicover Private Hospital because highly qualified, recognized doctors and experienced specialists provide care for our clients.

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For which type of surgeries can our clients turn to us?

Surgeons working in the department are experienced in the surgical treatment of the thyroid, benign breast tumours, other benign soft tissue tumours, abdominal hernias, gallbladder diseases, rectal diseases, haemorrhoid and varicose veins. Our surgery department is an adult inpatient department, if a patient between the ages of 14 and 18 checks in our department, it is only possible to use surgical treatment after individual consideration.

Possible surgical procedures

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Medicover Private Hospital Surgery

You are cared for by our doctors, who have many years of experience in private surgery, whether it is hernia, gallbladder or rectal disease, or varicose veins.

Convenience services

We accommodate our clients in a modern, pleasant, air-conditioned single room. Each room has a private bathroom, fridge, TV, and free WIFI access. We also provide our clients with individual nurse supervision, who will help your continuous recovery during your stay.

Our surgeons

Surgical procedures - Medicover

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