How does the examination go?

The urology specialist service provides screening of the developmental abnormalities and neoplasms of the urogenital organs (urethra, testicle, penis, bladder, kidney, and ureter), examination, and screening for inflammatory diseases and urinary stones causing symptoms. We also deal with the diagnostics and treatment of problems of urination. Our urology specialist service offers screening examinations and specialist investigation of patients with urology complaints.

Most of the examinations target screening for prostate cancer, and the diagnosis and treatment of benign prostate hypertrophy. In younger men, bacterial and non-bacterial chronic prostate inflammation – in most cases causing atypical, often insignificant symptoms – is a frequent problem.

Elderly women suffer from bladder and urethral symptoms caused by atrophy due to decreased hormone levels. Younger women often present with recurring lower urinary tract infections. Besides routine screening examinations, our daily routine work is comprised of the diagnosis and treatment of the mentioned diseases. The detection of tumors and stones in the urogenital tract in both genders is performed according to practice guidelines.