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Surgeries price list - Medicover Hospital

The listed prices are available for Clients with Medicover Health Insurance and/or a valid Hungarian social security number (TAJ). If you do not have a Hungarian social security number or Medicover Health Insurance, the prices may vary from those listed here.

Please note that the cost of cataract surgery does not include the price of the implanted lens. For the price of each lens type, contact our Call Center at +36 1 465 3100

If you do not find the item you are looking for, please use the search box above the price list

Surgeries price list (Our prices are for information purposes only.)Price (HUF)
Haemangioma removalfrom 160000
Laser varicose vein surgery, one-sidedfrom 390000 DISCOUNT
Laser varicose vein surgery, two-sidedfrom 500000 DISCOUNT
Varicose vein surgeryfrom 250000
FESS surgeryfrom 390000
Parotis surgeriesfrom 530000
Paediatric tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy (coblation) (Coblation plus 80 000 HUF.)from 590000
Paediatric adenotomy (coblation) (Coblation plus 80 000 HUF.)from 490000
Paediatric adenotomy with paracentesis (coblation)(Coblation plus 80 000 HUF.)from 500000
Paediatric adenotomy with ventillation tube (coblation) (Coblation plus 80 000 HUF.)from 520000
Paediatric tonsillectomy (coblation) (Coblation plus 80 000 HUF.)from 490000
Cervical cyst removal (Medialis, Lateralis)from 530000
Nasal concha reduction surgery (mucotomy)from 190000
Adenoidectomyfrom 340000
Adenoidectomy with ventillation tubefrom 370000
Nasal septum surgery (septoplasty) under general anaesthesiafrom 350000
Thyroid surgery, one-sidedfrom 570000
Thyroid surgery, two-sidedfrom 740000
Tonsillectomyfrom 340000
Tonsillectomy (coblation)from 390000
Lumbar spinal stenosisfrom 695000
Lumbar herniated disc surgeryfrom 695000
Vertebral biopsyfrom 550000
Laser disc decompressionfrom 550000
Lumbar fusion - OLIF surgeryfrom 2200000
Lumbar fusion - TLIF minimal invasive surgeryfrom 1990000
Lumbar fusion - TLIF open surgeryfrom 1800000
Cervical vertebra replacementfrom 1800000
Cervical posterior fixationfrom 1300000
Cervical laminoplastyfrom 990000
Cervical herniated disc surgeryfrom 990000
Vertebroplasty under general anaesthesiafrom 860000
Vertebroplasty under local anaesthesiafrom 860000
Bartholin's cyst removalfrom 250000
Diagnostic hysteroscopyfrom 250000
Diagnostic laparoscopyfrom 350000
Hysteroscopic myoma removalfrom 410000
Hysteroscopic polyp removalfrom 390000
Vaginoplastyfrom 420000
Hysterectomy open surgeryfrom 610000
Laparoscopic myoma removalfrom 560000
Laparoscopic ovarian cyst removalfrom 490000
Laparoscopic hysterectomyfrom 610000
Vaginal hysterectomyfrom 510000
Curettagefrom 250000
Cervical conisationfrom 310000
Myomectomyfrom 590000
Ovariotomy and salpingectomyfrom 440000
Fallopian tube patency test (HyCoSy)from 83000
Salpingectomyfrom 490000
Arthroscopic meniscus surgeryfrom 430000
Arthroscopic mosaicplastyfrom 590000
Arthroscopic knee surgery shaver procedure from 430000
Arthroscopic joint loose body removalfrom 430000
Arthroscopic shoulder surgeryfrom 590000
Bunion removal from 390000
Hip replacement surgery * Cost of prosthesis is not included in the price!from 1490000
Dupuytren's contracture surgeryfrom 260000
Metal removalfrom 180000
Ganglion removalfrom 220000
Hammer toe surgeryfrom 280000
Carpal tunnel syndrome surgeryfrom 240000
Cubital tunnel syndrome surgeryfrom 290000
ACL reconstruction surgeryfrom 640000
ACL revisionfrom 850000
Trigger finger surgeryfrom 210000
Total knee replacement * Cost of prosthesis is not included in the price!from 1490000
Haemorrhoid surgery (conventional)from 320000
Removal of skin lesions (outpatient)from 41000
Removal of skin lesions (inpatient)from 180000
Dermoid cyst removalfrom 360000
Gallstone surgery, laparoscopic gallbladder removalfrom 590000
Fibroadenoma excisionfrom 320000
Abdominal wall hernia surgery plus mesh implant from 410000
Umbilical hernia surgeryfrom 390000
Umbilical hernia surgery plus mesh implantfrom 390000
Inguinal hernia surgery Liechtensteinfrom 480000
Laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery 1 sided (plus cost of implant) from 520000
Laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery 2 sided (plus cost of implant) from 550000
Laser haemorrhoid surgeryfrom 415000
Longo heamorrhoid surgeryfrom 585000
Rectal polyp removalfrom 320000
Rectal fistula removalfrom 320000
Fissura anifrom 320000
Excision of skin lesions (ophthalmic)from 100000
Bilateral upper eyelid plastyfrom 280000
Smaller fibroma/mole/barley/cyst/atheroma/xanthelasma removalfrom 70000
Pterygium surgeryfrom 100000
Removal of bigger lesions that require plastic surgery (ophthalmic)from 150000
Eyelid deformity surgeryfrom 280000
Cataract surgery with single-lense from 300000
Cataract surgery with multifocal lense from 415000
Cataract surgery with toric lense from 360000
Anti-incontinence (TOT) surgery from 510000
Excision of skin lesions (urologic)from 140000
Condyloma surgery under general anaesthesia from 260000
Condyloma surgery under local anaesthesia from 190000
Frenotomy from 140000
Castration from 350000
from 250000
Hydrocelectomy from 399000
Incision of the urethral opening through the urethra from 390000
Bladder tumour removal surgery through the urethra from 390000
Bladder biopsy with endoscope from 350000
Endoscopic incision of bladder stenosis from 350000
Circumcision from 230000
Laparoscopic testicular varicocele surgery from 250000
Microsurgical testicular varicocele surgery from 460000
Prostate biopsyfrom 100000
Saddle-joint arthroplastyfrom 450000
Sleep endoscopy + UPP under general anaesthesiafrom 400000
Sleep endoscopy + Laryngomicroscopy + UPP + Tonsillectomy under general anaesthesiafrom 530000
Radical ear surgeryfrom 520000
Tympanoplastyfrom 520000
Paediatric birthmark removalfrom 160000
Paediatric ingrown nail removal under anaesthesiafrom 160000
Paediatric inguinal hernia surgery (Hernioplastica ing.)from 390000
Paediatric abdominal wall hernia surgery (hernia epigastrica)from 390000
Paediatric varicocele surgeryfrom 390000
Paediatric umbilical hernia surgeryfrom 390000
Paediatric circumcisionfrom 250000

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