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Cervical Doppler ultrasound examination

In terms of how ultrasound works, it emits sound waves (inaudible to the human ear) that are reflected from the formed elements in the blood flowing in the blood vessel. Based on this, the computer can calculate approximately the blood flow rate and, among other things, the amount of blood flowing in the defined vessel cross section.

Cervical Doppler ultrasound examination primarily shows the flow in the blood vessels and its circulation.

It is an extremely important examination for the timely detection of dangerous conditions (such as stroke).

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How is a Doppler ultrasound performed?

The examination requires no special preparation and is completely painless. Similar to a cervical soft tissue ultrasound, the patient exposes the part of the body to be examined and then rests on the examination table. A pillow is placed under the shoulders to make the cervical vessels accessible. Gel is applied to the probe or to the area to be examined to help the spreading of ultrasound. During the examination, the cold temperature of the gel may be the only discomfort, or if an already sensitive area is examined with the probe.

Other ultrasound examinations of the neck:

Diseases, lesions and structural abnormalities of the thyroid gland are monitored by ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland. During the ultrasound examination of the soft tissue of the neck, the nodules, lesions and structural abnormalities of the muscles that can be felt on the neck and under the skin are examined.

About what can Doppler ultrasound provide information?

Cervical Doppler ultrasound reveals the diameter of the blood vessels and provides information about a possible stenosis. Blood vessel stenosis can be caused by a deposit or blood clot in the vessel wall. Flow abnormalities are also well detectable.

As opposed to common ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound can detect not only the location and size of organs but also the speed and direction of blood flowing in the blood vessels.

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Cervical Doppler ultrasound examination - Medicover

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