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Orbit CT scan

Orbital CT, or CT scan of the eye socket, is usually recommended by your doctor in case of accidents and other traumas. It can also be used to detect tiny fractures in the bony wall of the eye socket.

For acute inflammatory processes and cancers, the diagnostic method of choice is MRI. However, in patients for whom orbital MRI cannot be performed for some reason, a CT scan is the diagnosis, but in such cases, a contrast agent is required so that the soft tissue could become visible.

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Orbita CT vizsgálat

What kind of preparation is required?

It is always necessary to consult a doctor before the CT scan, because due to the radiation exposure, the CT scan can only be performed on the basis of a medical recommendation. Native CT examination does not require special preparation. However, it is advisable to prepare so that, if the doctor deems it necessary, it is possible to administer the contrast agent. This means that you should not eat for 6 hours before the examination.

Prior to a CT scan with contrast agent, metformin medications for diabetes should be discontinued 48 hours before the examination and resumed 48 hours afterwards.

How is the orbit CT scan performed?

The CT device resembles a large, thick ring with a table at the bottom on which you lie motionless while the images are being taken. The device makes a roaring, humming sound during operation, but there is no need to be afraid of this, the patient does not feel anything.

When can the scan not be performed?

This examination uses x-rays, therefore it is not recommended during pregnancy because it may be dangerous to the unborn child. Very rarely (only for medical professional reasons), after a certain week of pregnancy, we examine pregnant women with CT.

The contrast agent can very rarely cause a reaction, but the examination is not performed on anyone who is allergic to it. During the CT examination of the orbit, special attention must be paid to the radiation sensitivity of the crystalline lens!

The examination has no side effects.

Hogyan zajlik az Orbita CT vizsgálat?

When is the result expected?

The completed recording will be reviewed by the radiologist and the result will be available in our online system after 3 working days.

Orbit CT scan - Medicover

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