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Endoscopic bladder biopsy

Histopathological sampling of the lesion in the bladder is performed under surgical conditions during endoscopic bladder biopsy through the urethra.

In which cases is a bladder biopsy by endoscopy warranted?

A bladder biopsy is required if bladder cancer is suspected during cystoscopy, but the origin and type of lesion is unclear.

In the case of a clear bladder tumour, transurethral surgery is performed, during which the lesion is excised.

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What happens during the endoscopic bladder biopsy?

Endoscopic bladder biopsy is performed under general anaesthesia. During surgery, a special device (resectoscope or cold biopsy forceps) is inserted into the bladder through the urethra by the urologist performing the surgery, with which a sample is taken from the suspected area. The surgery ends with haemostasis. After the procedure, a permanent bladder catheter is inserted to possibly rest and rinse the wound.

Tissue samples taken during the procedure will be examined histopathologically.

What are the risks of the intervention?

As with any medical intervention, endoscopic bladder biopsy can have dangers and complications.

During the operation, the bladder wall may be damaged, which will be treated during the operation, or bleeding may occur, which will be quenched by the operator with coagulation (burning).

What can I expect after the procedure?

After the intervention, there may be mild pain around the bladder.

The bladder catheter inserted during surgery is removed the day after surgery. Medication should be used as directed by the doctor to prevent infections and reduce pain.

You can leave our hospital the day after the operation, after your doctor informs you about the further possibilities and course of the treatment.

What can happen if there is no intervention?

If sampling is not performed, an accurate diagnosis cannot be made, which prevents the selection of the appropriate treatment, and further health deterioration may occur.

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What is included in the cost of the endoscopic bladder biopsy at Medicover Hospital?

The price of the endoscopic bladder biopsy includes the cost of the procedure, as well as the cost of the hospital stay after surgery and the follow-up examination.

The price of the preliminary specialist consultation and the pre-operative examinations is not part of the surgical cost, please inquire about the cost of these from our Call Center.

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Endoscopic bladder biopsy - Medicover

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