H2 breath test

For lactose / lactulose intolerance

The H2 breath test does not require any special preparation, however you need to observe several lifestyle and diatary factors. For the best test result, please follow the exact instructions! The H2 breath test we carry out is with test food, which contains lactose and lactulose. To moderate the side-effects and to get the best test results, there must be min. 1 day (max 10-14 days) between the tests . Each test will take approximately 120-180 minutes.

We would like to kindly ask you to discuss with your doctor about the regurarly and occasionally taken medication (aperient, bowel movement controller, intestinal flora restorer, gastric acid reductive). Antibiotics can affect the result of the examination, so please wait at least 15 days after the antibiotic treatment to request an appointment for the H2 breath test.

Do not take antibiotics and probiotics 2 weeks before the examination and please do not take any influential digestion medication, gastric acid reductive in a week, or aperient in the previous 2 days.

The examination cannot be done in case of gastroenteritis symptoms, diarrhea, fever, catarrhal inflammation.

Hidrogén kilégzési teszthez használt készülék

4 Weeks Before The Examination:

  • Please do not take any antibiotics or probiotics
  • You must not have a colonoscopy/irrigoscopy or any kind of intervention, that is performed with colon cleaning.
  • Please do not have gastric-enteron surgery

The Day Before The Examination:

  • Please do not eat fruits, vegetables and leeguminous
  • Please do not take any nuts or greasy food that are hard to digest
  • Please do not take milk and dairy products, as well as groceries with lactose, but you can take lactose-free products
  • Please do not drink any carbonated drinks or alcohol
  • Please do not smoke

After 7 pm please do not eat anything, after 9 pm please do not drink any fluid! Before you go to bed, please brush your teeth carefully!

On The Day Of The Examination (6 Hours Before And In The Morning)

This examination will be on an empty stomach, please do not eat or drink anything. You can only take the important medications with a sip of water agreed with the doctor.

  • Avoid having chewing gum or candy
  • Please do not use toothpaste or mouthwash (you can brush your teeth without toothpaste)
  • Please do not smoke, even passively

After The Examination:

  • After the examination you have nothing special to do (diet etc.) You can continue your normal lifestyle.
  • Distention and gentle diarrhea may occur.
  • You can discuss the result with your doctor.