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X-ray examination

X-ray is a routine imaging method used in our days. Part of the X-ray directed to the appropriate spot in the body is absorbed by the organs, and the other part changes direction and scatters as it passes.

In case of common X-rays, there is a special X-ray film behind the organ or area being examined. The rays passing through the body – after a chemical reaction – leave an image on this film, and in the case of a digital X-ray, the images are immediately stored on a computer without the use of film.

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At Medicover Diagnostic Center, we work with a digital X-ray machine that puts less stress on the body and takes images with a lower radiation dose. The use of digital X-ray equipment is also better from an environmental and health perspective, as there is no need to use hazardous chemicals to develop the films.

How do I prepare for the examination?

Due to the strain caused by the X-ray, a written medical recommendation and referral is always required for the examination. The X-ray examination itself usually does not require preparation, the examined body part should be exposed, and you have to remain still during the X-ray, because the displacement degrades the image quality. Before recording, metal accessories – necklaces, earrings, watches, piercings, etc. – must be removed.

How is the X-ray examination performed?

Depending on the examination prescribed by your doctor, you have to get rid of your clothes. The examination can be performed in a standing position (in case of chest and lung examination), lying down (in case of hip and spine examination), and in a sitting position (e.g. wrist examination). Areas not examined during the scan are covered with a lead cloak for protection against radiation.

During the X-ray examination, for the duration of the exposure, the assistant instructs the patient through the treatment room window. X-ray examination or exposition (recording) is performed in a still position, in many cases you must hold your breath. Taking an X-ray is approx. half a minute.

The completed X-ray is evaluated by a radiologist, and a detailed radiologist’s opinion is usually prepared within 10 working days.

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X-ray examination - Medicover

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