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Lumbar spine CT scan

The lumbar spine CT scan is used to examine the vertebrae in the lower lumbar (lumbar or lumbosacral) section of the spine. It can be used to examine the bony elements of the spine, the vertebral body and the parts between the vertebrae.

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What is the purpose of the examination?

It is most often recommended for the diagnosis of disc hernia, as this lesion is the most common at this section of the spine. CT scans can be used to assess the relationship between the disc herniation and the nerve root. In addition, a post-operative CT scan of the affected section is recommended.

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How to prepare for the examination?

Prior to lumbar spine CT examination, it is always necessary to consult an orthopedic specialist regarding complaints and examination proposal, because due to radiation exposure, CT examination can only be performed on the basis of a medical indication.

Contrast-free, native CT scan requires no preparation. Do not eat for 6 hours before an examination carried out with contrast agent.

Kidney function laboratory results showing keratin and urea values ​​are also required to perform contrast agent examination.

Prior to a contrast-enhanced CT scan, metformin medications for diabetes should be discontinued 48 hours prior to the study and resumed 48 hours after the study.

How is the examination carried out?

During the examination, the patient lies on his back on CT device’s table, which raises the patient to the center of the wide ring taking the images during the examination.

It takes 10-15 minutes, during which you have to lie still.

When cannot the Orbit MRI examination be performed?

The body is exposed to X-rays during the examination, so CT examination during pregnancy is contraindicated because it can be dangerous for the unborn child. Very rarely, with only a medical professional indication, but only after a certain week of pregnancy, we also examine pregnant women.

In the case of a test with a contrast medium, the test should not be performed in case of sensitivity to the components of the contrast medium and in case of poor renal function.

Does it have side effects?

The examination has no side effects, the patient does not feel anything during the examination.

The contrast agent may very rarely cause a reaction, but the test cannot be performed in iodine-sensitive patients!

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When should you expect your results?

The completed recording will be reviewed by the radiologist and the result will be available in our online system after 3 working days.

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