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Arrhythmology (Heart rhythm regulation)

What does arithmology deal with?

Arrhythmology is a specialty within cardiology that specializes in the treatment of heart rhythm disorders. We speak of a rhythm disorder (arrhythmia) if the timing or pattern of the heart’s normal stimulation changes, therefore the heartbeat turns too fast (tachycardia), too slow (bradycardia) or irregular (atrial fibrillation).

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When is it recommended to visit an arrhythmology specialist?

It is advised to see the specialist with the following complaints, which may indicate arrhythmia:

  • arrhythmia, strong heartbeats
  • fast regular or irregular (>100/min) heartbeat
  • slow heartbeat (constantly below 40-50/min)
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • loss of consciousness

In case of fast heartbeat, paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT), atrial fibrillation is in the background, less often ventricular tachycardia. The cause of a slow heartbeat is a conduction disorder, so-called atrioventricular block.

What happens during the arithmology specialist examination?

The arrhythmia examination at the outpatient clinic does not require special preparation, the patient might already have had some cardiology examinations. In addition to physical and ultrasound examinations, we primarily use complaint-oriented diagnostics (ECG, Holter, event recorder) to confirm or rule out the connection between the sensations experienced by the patient and possible rhythm disturbances. Some of the rhythm disorders do not require treatment, but there are some that cause weakness, heart failure, or even sudden cardiac death. During the arrhythmology examination, the necessary treatment method is determined, which can be drug treatment, catheter treatment (so-called catheter ablation), or pacemaker/ICD implantation.

We also perform control examination of patients wearing a pacemaker (BIOTRONIK, Boston Scientific, Sorin)/ICD.

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