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Medicover Fitness

Medicover Fitness, in addition to many other services of the Medicover group, offers corporate clients a solution that supports the preservation of the health of their employees, their performance, loyalty, and the increase of employee satisfaction in the most cost-effective and simplest way possible.

The lack of labour forces companies to provide an attractive benefits package for the acquisition and retention of employees in order to retain their employees, reduce turnover, and increase the productivity they achieve.

The work environment, the corporate culture and the image of a caring company are ideal for the employee to truly plan for a long time at the given workplace, thus increasing the company’s efficiency and competitiveness on the labour market.

Life1 Fitness

Medicover Fitness clubs

Our spacious and modern fitness clubs provide a friendly, supportive and safe environment for employees to enjoy exercise:

  • The most modern and safest strengthening and cardio machines available today
  • Professional trainers
  • Easily accessible locations
  • Individual and group training
  • Unique environment

Our clubs are located in the busiest hubs of downtown Budapest:

Group classes

Life1 Fitness clubs offer a choice of 40+ group classes, depending on the location:

Contents of the package

Use of gym and sauna1
Entry once a day
Passage among clubs2
Free parking for 2 hours subject to parking availability (except for Nyugati)3
Free Wi-Fi
Participation in group classes (more than 40 types)4
Body & Mind (yoga, spine exercises, pilates etc.), functional training (e.g. TRX, Cross Training, Hot Iron), conditioning and choreographed classes (e.g. spinning, shaping, fat burning, Kangoo)
Registration and card fee exemption Payable once for 1,000 HUF
Discounted gym passes for Family Members 20% 20%

The possibility of use is continuous, the use of the sauna is only for clubs equipped with such facilities.
2At the time of the entry into force of this document, the clubs are: Allee, Corvin, Nyugati, Etele and Gilda Max Flórián. For detailed and up-to-date information, please visit
3For current and up-to-date parking information, please visit
4There are more than 40 group classes to choose from, depending on the location. Please check for current opportunities.

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