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Dear Customers!

We would like to inform you that in order to perform endoscopic procedures, we require you to present the result of a Coronavirus PCR test, which was taken not earlier than 2 working days before the procedure. The required Covid test is also performed at our clinic, but external results are accepted as well.

Thank you for taking care of our health!


In general, we recommend our endoscopic (colonoscopy, gastroscopy) examinations both for screening and to investigate a specific problem!

Who carries out the procedure?

The gastroenterologist performs the procedures belonging to endoscopy. The field of gastroenterology is a branch of internal medicine that specializes in the examination of the gastrointestinal system, liver, bile and pancreas.

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When is endoscopy recommended?

  • To detect the cause of abdominal pain
  • With a low fibre diet
  • Patients diagnosed with colon polyp
  • Whose family has a history of gastric or intestinal cancer
  • Over 50 years of age
  • People who have previously been diagnosed with chronic colitis
  • Stressful lifestyle with inadequate nutrition

Types of endoscopic examinations:

  • Gastroscopy
  • Colonoscopy

Where are gastroscopy and colonoscopy taking place?

  • Our gastroenterology and endoscopy department is located on the first floor of Medicover Private Hospital and Clinic.
  • We are waiting for you with an excellent team of specialists and assistants with several years of experience.
  • We have the latest technical background, the most modern fleet of machines and equipment.
  • We perform our procedures with general anaesthesia.
  • You can relax in a comfortable, single-bed room after the procedure.
Endoscopy - Medicover

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