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Lumbar spine MRI examination

MRI examination of the lumbar (lumbosacral) spine can determine spinal cord lesions, disc disease, bone marrow and vertebral abnormalities. It can be used to check for scars after surgery.

MRI examination of the lumbar region is most often performed in the case of suspected disc hernia and developmental abnormalities.

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How to prepare for the MRI examination?

In all cases it is recommended to consult a specialist prior to the MR examination, although the native examination does not require special preparations. Please consider that due to the strong magnetic field, it is forbidden to bring any metal into the examination room. This also applies to jewelry and piercings in the body.

How is the lumbar spine MRI examination performed?

MRI examination of the lumbar spine is performed in a supine position.  There is a knocking noise during the examination. Its intensity can be reduced with earplugs. You must remain still throughout the examination.

When it is not recommended?

If there is any magnetically responsive material in your body, such as a prosthesis, nail, screw, metal valve, pacemaker, vasoconstrictor, implant, etc. These can move out of place during the examination in a strong magnetic field and cause serious injury. Furthermore, the examination can become invaluable.

The MR device at Medicover Hospital is a closed device. However, the good news is that this can be somewhat mitigated by the larger 70-centimeter inside diameter.

Does the examination has any side effects?

The lumbar spine MRI examination does not have any side effects, if the examination is carried out using contrast agent, it may cause allergic reactions.

When should you expect your results?

The completed recording will be reviewed by a radiologist and the result will be available in our online system after 5 workdays.

Lumbar spine MRI examination - Medicover

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