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Chest CT scan

CT scans of the chest help us detect and follow the diseases of the thoracic organs: lungs, heart, large blood vessels, and mediastinal cavity.

Not only does a chest CT scan allow for a more accurate diagnosis of cancer, but it can also be used to detect other lung and heart problems.

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What kind of preparation is required?

It is always necessary to consult a doctor before the CT scan, because due to the radiation exposure, the CT scan can only be performed on the basis of a medical recommendation. Native chest CT scan does not require special preparation. However, we recommend that you do not eat food for 6 hours before the examination to allow the contrast agent to be administered if necessary.

Prior to a contrast-enhanced CT scan, metformin medications for diabetes should be discontinued 48 hours before the examination and resumed 48 hours afterwards.

Are there any side effects?

The examination has no side effects, the patient does not feel anything. The contrast agent can very rarely cause a reaction, but the examination is not performed on anyone who is allergic to it!

How is a chest CT scan performed?

A CT device is like a large, thick ring with a table moving at the bottom, you lie still on that table while the images are being taken. The device makes a humming sound during operation, but there is no need to be afraid of this.

Recording is done from the dipahragmatic hump to the adrenal glands. Holding your breath is required several times during the examination. Its duration is approx. half a minute each time. Our colleague will tell you through the microphone when you cannot breathe.

When can the examination not be performed?

This examination is performed using x-rays, therefore it is contraindicated during pregnancy because it can be dangerous to the unborn child.

Very rarely, exclusively with a doctor’s professional indication, but only after a certain week of pregnancy, we also examine pregnant women with CT.

Low-dose chest CT scan

Low-dose CT is used as a screening examination because it can detect lesions of a few mm well, making it an excellent tool for diagnosing early, lower-stage, yet well-treatable lung cancers.

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When is the result expected?

The completed recording will be reviewed by the radiologist and the result will be available in our online system after 3 working days.

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