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Galactography helps diagnosing diseases by visualizing small changes in the milking paths that cause bleeding or discharge. In addition to hormonal causes, breast secretion can also indicate tumors. Traditional imaging techniques, combined with the use of galactography, have proven to be an effective method for exploring the underlying causes of discharge.

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In which cases is galactography recommended?

Galactography is required if the patient has serous, bloody or aqueous nipple discharge. Only 7 to 10 percent of breast diseases cause nipple discharge. Nipple discharge may be caused by a malignant lesion in about 7 to 15 percent of patients.

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How does the examination go?

As a first step the nipple is cleaned and disinfected with alcohol. After application of topical anesthetic, a thin cannula is inserted into the milk ducts. Next, a small amount of contrast agent (a compound that provides a more accurate picture of the location, size, and type of the lesion) is injected into the duct with a very thin, blunt-tipped needle.

Then, mammography is performed.

The patient stands in front of the X-ray machine and then places her breasts on the surface containing the X-ray film. The breasts are then compressed with a plastic sheet so that as few formulas as possible are projected on top of each other during the recording, and so that the breast does not move and a good quality, evaluable recording is made. Breast compression can cause discomfort depending on individual sensitivity.

In which cases the test cannot be performed?

During the first 3 months of pregnancy, the X-ray has a serious detrimental effect on the fetus.

If the patient is allergic to the iodine-based contrast agent, the test also cannot be performed.

When do your results arrive?

Following the procedure, the physician will provide the patient a written report.

The finding alone is not a diagnosis, please always consult your doctor after the examination.

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