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Manager health screening or health insurance?

It is important for all employers to keep the health and safety of their employees, to reduce the number of lost working hours due to illness, and to increase employee loyalty. Therefore it is clear that companies strive to provide a wide range of healthcare services as a benefit to their employees at an optimal tax burden.

Many different screening programs and health insurances are available on the market of healthcare services. One of the most popular workplace-related health screening programs is the manager screening, which is usually ordered for top and middle managers only. Although it is a popular service, many employers are unaware that these screenings cannot be included in occupational health services and impose a higher tax burden on the employer than health insurance.

Medicover Health Insurance

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What you need to know about health insurance

Mit érdemes tudni az egészségbiztosításról?

Corporate health insurance usually includes outpatient care, advanced diagnostics (MRI, CT), laboratory tests, and coverage for a personalized health assessment once a year. Medicover’s health insurance packages offer unlimited access for most of these healthcare services at the expense of insurance. The included preventive screening examinations are age- and gender-specific, and additional examinations also could be performed according to the results of the screening, or the complaints of the patient. This allows to diagnose all conditions in an early stage, start treatments immediately, and like this, to reduce the time of the recovery.

The greatest advantage of Medicover’s health insurance packages to a simple manager screening or other health screening programs is that it has specific, more beneficial taxation. For more details on the packages or on the taxation benefits, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts!

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Manager health screening or health insurance?

Medicover group health insurance has many advantages over manager health screening.

(White CARD)
Health assessment once a year with a predefined screening frequency (independent of individual employee health needs) Health check once a year – individually tailored preventive screening (age, gender, individual complaints)
Health care allowance taxed as wages Health insurance is taxed more favourably, as certain defined benefits than other employer benefits
As a matter fact, this is a diagnostic consultation option – no possibility to follow up, to carry out control tests (inflexible in terms of further tests, no treatment is given for the diseases detected)

Depending on the insurance package you choose:
Unlimited outpatient care
Advanced diagnostics (MRI, CT)
Complex laboratory tests
Outpatient surgery

(flexible in terms of further tests and continuability, including treatments)

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Please note that we can send a quote only for at least a 10 member group health insurance request.

Manager health screening or health insurance? - Medicover
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