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Medical imaging

At Medicover’s Advanced Diagnostic Centers, we use state-of-the-art equipment and provide modern patient care conditions for your utmost comfort. Our MRI devices await our patients with a tunnel diameter of 70 cm to reduce the feeling of confinement associated with the examination. Our CT device offers the most modern possibilities, it helps to establish an accurate diagnosis by combining X-rays and modern computer technology. The unique 3D HD Breast Tomosynthesis is a new, advanced diagnostic procedure in Hungarian healthcare.

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Medical imaging


MRI examination

MRI is used to examine lesions and diseases of the skull and brain, spine (neck, back, lumbar), and joints. It is also excellent for diagnostic examination of the neck, chest, breast, abdomen and pelvis, as well as the heart and blood vessels.


CT scans

It is most often used to look for diseases of the nervous system, to assess the condition of the skull and paranasal sinuses, in case of suspicion of cancer in any part of the body, to examine the extent of a known tumor, to look for metastases, to detect inflammatory diseases.



During screening, two-way mammography is performed on both breasts, preceded by physical examination, individual and family history, and risk factor assessment. It takes about 5 minutes to take a mammogram.



Breast tomosynthesis is the most modern breast diagnostic procedure currently available, forming a three-dimensional image of the breasts. It provides the highest resolution and detail available today with lower radiation exposure and significantly less pain.

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Gastroscopy is an endoscopic examination of the upper gastrointestinal tract, which can be used to detect structural changes in the esophagus, stomach and duodenum, and it is also possible to treat them while using this procedure.



Colonoscopy is a procedure for examining the rectum, sigmoid colon, colon, and small intestine-colon transition, during which the examiner sees a real image of the mucosa.



Ultrasound (US) is a gentle, painless procedure for detecting internal medicine, endocrinology, urology, gynecology, joint and vascular problems.



Today’s routine imaging method is X-ray, which form images using an X-ray directed at an appropriate point on the body.

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