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Laparoscopic ovarian cyst removal (Cystectomia ovarii)

When is the surgery necessary?

Cysts often develop in the ovaries, they are diagnosed as fluid-filled tubes during a gynaecological and/or imaging examinations (ultrasound, CT, MRI).

Many women develop cysts in their ovaries during their lifetime, most of which they are unaware of, as cysts rarely cause complaints and are often self-absorbed after a few menstrual cycles. They can occur at any age but is more common in childbearing age.

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Removal is necessary when a cyst causes symptoms, possibly affects fertility, or is suspected to be malignant. When not absorbed on its own, it can start to grow and thus cause lower abdominal pain, stronger menstrual cramps or even infertility.

How is the surgery performed?

Thanks to modern technology, laparoscopic ovarian cyst removal now can be performed gently without large abdominal incisions, which is also an aesthetically significant difference.

In our hospital, with the help of a laparoscope, making 3-4 small openings in the skin, it is possible to examine the abdominal cavity and remove the ovarian cyst. The goal, in addition to completely removing the ovarian bursa, is to preserve the condition of the surrounding tissues, thus ensuring further undisturbed function of the ovaries.

Without abdominal incisions, the time required for the procedure is shortened and the removal of ovarian cysts becomes more widely available – as this allows you to leave the hospital after 1-2 days of recovery, which greatly facilitates healing.

In each case, the removed formulas are sent for histological examination to make a definitive diagnosis.

What are the risks of the surgery?

Laparoscopic interventions do not pose a particular risk in most cases, especially compared to conventional abdominal surgery, and the incidence of more serious complications does not exceed 1-2%.

Anaesthesia can have side effects, which our qualified staff can handle.

After the operation, abdominal pain and discomfort at the site of the operation may occur, which can be eliminated with anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs.

What is included in the price of ovarian surgery at Medicover Hospital?

The price of laparoscopic ovarian cyst surgery includes the cost of the surgery as well as the cost of the hospital stay after the intervention and the first consultation afterwards.

The cost of the preliminary specialist consultation and the pre-operative examinations is not part of the surgical price, please inquire about the cost of these from our Customer Service.

Laparoscopic ovarian cyst removal (Cystectomia ovarii) - Medicover

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