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The insurance package can be purchased separately. Place of care: Medicover Clinic, Hospital and Advanced Diagnostic Center.

Medicover Urgent Care Center Group Health Insurance Package

Timely, or even immediate professional medical help and early diagnosis can prevent serious consequences. Doctors, qualified assistance, urgent laboratory tests, X-ray and CT scans are available without waiting in the case of mild chest or abdominal pain, upper respiratory symptoms, fever, bladder infection, lower back complaints, injuries, etc.

We can provide an immediate solution for your employees if you choose our new Urgent Care Center service. Whether it is a specific injury or an internal medicine complaint, we will make a diagnosis, start primary care and, if necessary, propose a further investigation plan.

Physical examination by a specialist
Laboratory tests2
X-ray scans
Informative bedside ultrasound scan3
Native CT scans

1 The range of benefits covered by the insurance packages, the list of services that the Insuree may receive under and at the expense of the Medicover Urgent Care Center package(s), organised by Medicover Zrt. The Medicover Urgent Care Center can only be used on the basis of an itemised price list and on the basis of this package, not on the basis of other Medicover insurances or on the basis of a package for which Medicover Zrt. is the care provider or primary health care provider.

2 Medically urgent laboratory tests.

3 An informative bedside ultrasound scan performed by an emergency doctor at the Medicover Urgent Care Center.

The process of using the service

  1. In case of an insured event or medical condition corresponding to the insurance package, call +36 1 465 3112 >>
    If the care is not covered by the package (or risk excluded) and in case of emergency, contact the nearest Emergency Department or call the EU Emergency Number 112.
  2. Answering questions asked by the dispatcher, following the dispatcher’s instructions and carrying them out >>
    If the dispatcher considers, on the basis of what has been said, that the case falls within the competence of an Emergency Department or that the involvement of the National Ambulance Service is otherwise necessary, he/she will inform the customer accordingly.
  3. If necessary, a specific time window can be agreed within a day or beyond the given day.
  4. Receiving and identifying the insured person and then using the health service.


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Medicover Urgent Care Center Group Health Insurance Package - Medicover
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