The dermatology specialist service provides screening for skin tumors and diagnostic and therapeutic care of various skin disorders (eczema-like skin conditions, psoriasis, infectious diseases of the skin)

Dermatology examination

A detailed physical examination follows taking the patient’s medical history, questions about symptoms, and the assessment of risk factors. The first step is the observation of the skin surfaces, during which the doctor inspects the patient (and the hidden areas: palms, the soles of the feet, and the skin surface covered by hair).

If necessary, this is followed by an examination with a dermatoscope (the dermatoscope is a medical device that magnifies skin lesions for better assessment).


  • screening for pre-malignant lesions and melanomas,
  • removal of benign skin lesions (by electrocauterization, excochleation, or excision),
  • viral warts,
  • molluscum,
  • impetigo,
  • fungal diseases,
  • contact dermatitis,
  • psoriasis treatment,
  • treatment of pediatric skin disorders,
  • treatment of minor skin lesions causing esthetic problems (hyfrecation, cryotherapy)


The examination is followed by discussion of the detected abnormalities, giving recommendations, reports, and, if necessary, requesting further examinations.