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Inner ear CT scan

With the help of a CT scan, the expert sees the fine bone structure of the inner ear and the auditory canals. In the case of chronic inflammations, the auditory bones can also be inspected with it, the CT scan is also suitable for the examination of air resistance conditions.

CT, or computed tomography, is a special X-ray examination that uses X-rays to take anatomically accurate images of the human body and internal organs.

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What types of diseases does inner ear CT scan help diagnose?

Your doctor may ask you to have an inner ear CT scan to diagnose the following conditions.

  • dizziness
  • cancerous diseases
  • hearing loss
  • bone diseases affecting the ears
  • visible ear developmental disorder

When it is recommended?

Your doctor may ask for a CT scan if you often feel dizzy or have hearing loss, or if you have had ear surgery in the past.

How to prepare for the examination?

In all cases, your physician should be consulted prior to CT examination, as CT examinations should only be performed on medical advice due to radiation exposure.

The native examination does not require special preparation on the part of the patient, however, in justified cases, a contrast-enhanced examination may be performed. Kidney function laboratory results showing creatinine and urea values ​​are also required to perform a contrast-enhanced studies. In the case of a contrast-enhanced examination, you should not eat for 6 hours before the examination.

Prior to a contrast-enhanced CT scan, metformin medications for diabetes should be discontinued 48 hours prior to the examination and resumed 48 hours after the examination.


How it is performed?

A CT device resembles a large, thick ring with a table at the bottom on which you lie motionless while CT scans are taken. The test device makes a roaring sound during operation. The patient does not feel any pain during the examination.

Somatom X.Cite a Siemens Healthineers CT-készülék

When it is not recommended?

This test is performed using X-rays and is therefore not recommended during pregnancy as it may be dangerous to the fetus.

In very rare cases, if it is medically justified – after a certain week of pregnancy – we also accept pregnant patients.

What to expect after the examination?

The finding alone is not a diagnosis. After the test, please always consult a specialist with the result.

In case a contrast agent examination was carried out, an allergic reaction may occur in some cases. Anyone who is allergic to iodine cannot take the examination with contrast agent.

When will your results arrive?

The completed scan will be reviewed by a radiologist and the result will be available in our online system after 3 workdays.

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