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We know that for every parent, their child’s health is paramount. Therefore, in addition to disease-oriented treatment, our paediatricians in our paediatric clinic also place great emphasis on prevention. In addition to complex therapy, you can also ask our trained specialists for advice on the preservation and protection of health.

If the child is ill, a trained specialist provides the greatest safety for the anxious parent. It is important for us that you and your child consult a paediatrician with confidence. During the examinations, our doctors will use methods appropriate to the child’s age and will inform you in detail about all the circumstances and the course of the recommended treatment.

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At our Clinics, we also provide the high-quality care for children that we are accustomed to from Medicover in several key specialties. Depending on the field of medicine, from the age of 4:

In what cases is it recommended to visit a paediatrician?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by parents. We have collected those conditions that require specialist care:

  • Fever. Fever (body temperature above 38 degrees) is not necessarily bad in itself, as elevated body heat helps fight pathogens and enhances defences. However, if it rises very high, or persists for several days, it is absolutely necessary to see a paediatrician.
  • Respiratory complaints. In case of chronic respiratory complaints (asthma, hay fever) or allergic respiratory reactions.
  • Skin changes. Redness, allergic reactions, blisters, rashes, cracks, scales all require specialist consultation.
  • Digestive complaints. If your child develops gastrointestinal complaints (diarrhoea, vomiting, bloating, cramps, heartburn) after consuming certain foods, or if one of these persists.
  • Urinary complaints. Burning, possibly bloody urine, as well as abdominal complaints require treatment as soon as possible.
  • Occurrence of vegetative symptoms. Frequent occurrence of palpitation, fainting, dizziness, sweating.
  • Weight problems. If your child is overweight and is having difficulty to lose or gain weight, and is often gaining weight back, you may want to seek the help of a specialist.
  • Injuries. See a specialist for any injuries, especially if they involve bleeding or fractures or abnormalities in the limbs.
  • Vision problems. If there is a vision problem, always consult a specialist so that we can improve the child’s quality of life as soon as possible.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders. If you notice any changes in your child’s posture or movement, it is recommended that you also see a specialist to prevent ossification problems.
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