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Inpatient care for otolaryngologic, head and cervical surgeries

Many otolaryngologic diseases can be treated on an outpatient basis, but there are also many diseases when the patient needs hospital care and requires constant, specialist monitoring. You will be provided with highly trained, recognized doctors in the inpatient department of otolaryngologic, head and neck surgery of Medicover Hospital, who are familiar with many modern surgical techniques.

The department deals with the surgical treatment of diseases of the ear, nose and sinuses, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, salivary glands and cervical organs, from the age of six. Otolaryngologic surgery and inpatient care also include infusion therapy for certain cases of hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness, and intravenous therapy for severe inflammatory diseases.

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Possible surgical interventions

Lehetséges műtéti beavatkozások
  • tonsillectomy
  • adenoidectomy
  • FESS surgery (Functional endoscopic sinus surgery)
  • eardrum incision, ventilation tube implantation
  • nasal septum surgery – airway stenosis surgery (septoplasty)
  • nasal concha reduction surgery, nasal concha plastic surgery (mucotomy)
  • sinus surgeries
  • treatment of snoring, nocturnal respiratory failure (LAUPP, RAUPP)
  • diagnosis of nocturnal respiratory failure (sleep endoscopy) and surgery
  • surgery for benign laryngeal diseases
  • opening of abscesses in the neck, mouth, throat
  • thyroid surgery
  • surgery for benign neck lesions, developmental disorders, benign tumours
  • surgery for benign skin lesions on the head and neck

Paediatric otolaryngologic surgeries

In our hospital, we perform otolaryngologic surgeries on children over the age of 3.

For the child, the hospital is a completely new environment, therefore the first consultation comes with a lot of excitement and anxiety. During the personal consultations and the time spent in our hospital, we try to resolve this feeling in both the child and the parents. Before the operation and on the big day as well, the doctor will tell the child, in a way they could understand, what will happen in these few days.

Prior to surgery, our specialists and case managers will also provide parents with the most detailed information possible about the procedure, as well as be able to answer any questions that may arise during the consultations. During the recovery period, our hospital staff strives to make these few days even more comfortable for both the child and the parents.

We believe that parental presence is the greatest healing force for small patients and at the same time the most reassuring for parents, therefore we provide one parent with the opportunity to stay with the child.

Gyermek fül-orr-gégészeti műtétek

The following otolaryngologic surgeries are currently available for children in our hospital:

  • children’s tonsillectomy
  • children’s adenoidectomy

Convenience services

We accommodate our clients in a modern, pleasant, air-conditioned single room. Each room has a private bathroom, fridge and TV, as well as free WIFI access. We also provide our clients with individual nurse supervision, who will help your continuous recovery during your stay.

Our otolaryngologists

Inpatient care for otolaryngologic, head and cervical surgeries - Medicover

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