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Breast ultrasound examination

What is the purpose of the examination?

Ultrasound examination of the breasts – breast ultrasound – is a painless examination without radiation exposure. It is suitable for detecting tissue and structural lesions in the breasts (cyst, tumour, etc.).

The most common cancer in women is breast cancer. In Hungary, more than 7 000 new patients are diagnosed every year. Breast cancer causes the death of more than 2 000 women in Hungary every year. However, if diagnosed at an early stage, the disease has a very good chance of being cured.

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When is it recommended to perform a breast ultrasound examination?

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Breast ultrasound is recommended for the detection of tissue and structural lesions in the breasts (cyst, tumour, etc.) under the age of 35, while ultrasound is used as an additional examination for mammography and, if appropriate, breast tomosynthesis in women over 35 years of age.

Painless ultrasound is performed while you are lying on your back and on your side. In addition to the breasts, the right and left armpits are also examined.

Breast ultrasound can also be performed during pregnancy.

The examination does not require any special preparation.

Course of the breast ultrasound examination

At the beginning of the examination, the specialist smears the examined surface with an ultrasound gel, which helps the ultrasound waves to spread, so that they can be reflected from the tissues to get an accurate picture of their condition.

The specialist moves the ultrasound probe from different directions and body positions on the patient’s skin surface during the examination.

Breast ultrasound, as opposed to mammography and breast tomosynthesis, can be performed at a younger age. With its help, a lesion that is not yet palpable by touch can be seen, and its structure and composition can also be deduced.

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Breast ultrasound examination - Medicover

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