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Every responsible leader knows that the success of a company mainly depends on the performance of the employees. Their knowledge is a key to continuous development. Nowadays – especially in fields, that require special skills – it is very important to pay attention to the labor force. In addition to salary, the maintenance of the health of employees and their relatives is becoming more and more important.

The corporate health insurance of Medicover can be an effective solution for retaining employees.

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Medicover Health Insurance

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Health Insurance Package or Manager Screening?

Medicover Health Insurance Packages have several benefits against Manager health screening:

Manager health screening Health Insurance Package
(Medicover White Package)
General health screening with a pre-set testing method, once a year (no self-specific examinations) Once a year health screening with a personalized testing method according to age, gender, hereditary diseases, individual complaints
A health-related benefit that is taxed as a consolidated income Health insurance is taxed more favorably than other benefits
This is a one-time consultation – there is no possibility for follow-up or control tests Unlimited outpatient care, advanced diagnostic tests (MR, CT),
complex laboratory tests, outpatient surgeries

Health Insurance at Medicover

The best solution for enterprises!

Changing attitudes in employee and individual health care

Not only recruitment but also retention of labor is a major economic factor. Above all, it is important to generate employee wellbeing and focus on the retention of labor. Maintain the health of employees is one of the most important tools for business success in the long run. A healthy and committed employee (more effective, productive, paying attention to himself/herself and his/her environment, and also appreciating if health is a priority for the employer) is a competitive edge in itself.

Today, a small number of companies in Hungary may claim to have a mature and elaborated corporate health strategy. Based on our experiences, in many cases, companies spend more on short-term motivational benefits than maintaining the health of their employees.

We initiate a conversation with corporate decision makers and introduce case studies to underline the importance of changing attitudes from the upper levels, providing companies proven methods and solutions.

We are looking for answers to the following questions:

  • Why is the health of employees a business strategic issue?
  • What is the health strategy of a company? (Health and Return on Investment)
  • What can large companies do and what solutions do we have for small and medium-size companies?
  • Everyday stress as a risk factor – How does stress affect the development of diseases?
  • What are the tools we can use to keep our emloyees healthy while the work efficiency is constantly at the expected level?

Our main goal is to work with corporate executives to find the best solution for the company.

If you would like to provide your employees a corporate health package, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why is it important to ensure the health of the colleagues?

The loss of an employee due to illness, can cause many additional costs, especially if this period is longer than expected. On the first 15 days of the sick-leave, the paid absence fee, the overtime costs for replacement, and the salary of the new colleague in case of a longer absence, can cause huge expenses for the employer. This means an average extra expenditure of more than 110 000 HUF per employee per year related to the hungarian average gross wages.

According to the report of the National Bank of Hungary, the high number of sick allowance is a drawback of the national economy. Compared to Austria, this number is twice as high in Hungary.

Let’s take a practical example

When a key employee in the workflow is complaining of numbness in his/her arms regularly, it makes it difficult to work effectively. At first he/she only experienced it at night, so he turned up every time he was on shift, but recently he/she had to interrupt his work several times due to numbness.

If the employee doesn’t have health insurance…

The complainant employee decides to find out the reason for the complaints: the first step is to visit the General Practitioner, which usually takes a workday. As the complaints need examinations from a specialist, he/she receives several referrals to different specialties, like cardiology and orthopedics. The first available appointment dates are in 2 weeks. Between the cardiac and orthopedic specialty examinations, he/she takes sick leave.

After the orthopedic examinations, the doctor suspects Carpal tunnel syndrome, which needs special tests to be diagnosed. The earliest appointment date is in 2 weeks again. Until then, the employee returns to work, but he/she can work only with a limited capacity.

The examinations proof Carpal tunnel syndrome that requires surgical treatment. The surgery can be performed after another two weeks before which he/she must undergo the mandatory pre-operative examinations that take 1-2 days off again. After the surgery, the recovery takes 1 to 1.5 weeks.

To sum up, the employee will be at least 25 days away, and it takes more than 10 weeks from the first visit to the full recovery. For this time, his/her replacement is necessary to be solved.

If the employee has a Medicover corporate health insurance…

Medicover’s complex corporate health insurance enables this period to be significantly reduced. According to the client’s complaints, our trained customer service colleagues offer the relevant specialties and book the appointments immediately, which are usually in a few workdays.

The necessary imaging diagnostics and laboratory tests could be done in e few weekdays as well, and like this, the whole process significantly shortens: it would take only 3-4 weeks to have the diagnosis and the surgery done and after 6 weeks the employee could return to his/her work.

What are the benefits of a health insurance for an employer?

Beside the shortening of the employee absences, corporate health insurance provides many more additional benefits for the employers:

  • Health insurance has preferential taxation to other fringe benefits.
  • Employees appreciate the benefits, that contribute to their and their families well-being. This could increase they loyalty.
  • Employee commitment reduces fluctuation and like this, the costs of recruitment, selection, and internal training.
  • Healthy, motivated employees contribute to the competitiveness of the company, improving its position on the labor market as well.

Health Insurance at Medicover

The best solution for enterprises!

What are the advantages of the Medicover Health Insurance packages for the employees?

Our health insurance packages provides many advantages for the employees too:

  • No need to spend time searching for private practices: our colleagues book appointments immediately for our healthcare services via our Customer Service
  • Thanks to our appointment booking system, the visits can be planned and scheduled easily
  • No waiting lists
  • No additional fees on the services covered by the package
  • Quick and easy access to high-quality healthcare services
  • The insurance can be extended to family members, so they can benefit from the same care as well.

How to enlist to the covered healthcare services?

The provided healthcare services can be accessed in 3 easy steps:

  • Call Medicover’s Customer Service line on weekdays, between 7.00 and 20.00
  • Our colleague books your appointments immediately
  • After arriving at the Clinic, register at the reception desk and your doctor will call you in a few minutes in the waiting hall

What do you need to know about the service financing corporate health insurance?

  • We offer customized corporate insurance packages, suited for your company’s needs, with a fixed annual price.
  • In case of group health insurance contract, risk assessment is not required
  • We provide a wide range of private health care services throughout the country, covered by your insurance package
  • Depending on the insurance package, annual prevention tests and personalized treatments are provided
  • Insured clients could book appointments conveniently through our Customer Sercive line.
  • 7/24 health line: health advice service for insured clients
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Request a quote

If we raised your interest or you have questions on our health insurance packages, our team of insurance experts is for your disposal to answer.

Please note that we can send a quote only for at least a 10 member group health insurance request.

Note that occupational healthcare service could be provided only as a part of corporate health insurance. Therefore quote could be requested only in addition to a corporate health insurance package.

Health Insurance packages

Spring Vanilla Health Insurance Package

  • Primary health care, primary outpatient care
  • Standard laboratory tests and diagnostics
  • The services covered by the package are available for unlimited occasions on Medicover’s nationwide network

Spring White Health Insurance Package

  • Primary health care, wide range of outpatient care
  • Laboratory tests and diagnostics
  • The services covered by the package are available for unlimited occasions on Medicover’s nationwide network

Spring Blue Health Insurance Package

  • Primary health care, wide range of outpatient care
  • Laboratory tests and diagnostics
  • Outpatient surgeries
  • Physiotherapy and therapeutic massage, one-day surgery, psychiatric examinations
  • The services covered by the package are available for unlimited occasions on Medicover’s nationwide network

Spring Gold Health Insurance Package

  • Primary health care, wide range of outpatient care
  • Laboratory tests and diagnostics
  • Outpatient surgeries
  • Inpatient care at Medicover Hospital
  • The services covered by the package are available for unlimited occasions on Medicover’s nationwide network

Supplementary Insurance Packages

Hospital Plus Package

The Hospital Plus package, complementing our health insurance packages, provides an advanced level of hospital care at Medicover Hospital

  • Extensive inpatient and surgical care in general surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, and urology
  • A personalized diet supervised by a dietitian for effective healing
  • Modern, cozy, spacious single room with air conditioning
  • Each room has its own bathroom, refrigerator, and TV

This package is an additional option for any of our Health Insurance packages. It should be contracted for the full range of insured persons.

Emergency Package

Medicover Emergency supplementary package offers high-level emergency ambulance services in Budapest and in 30 settlements in its suburban area. The service is available in 3 different packages for our Corporate Clients.

Trained medical staff (ambulance officer, ambulance technician) monitoring the patient’s condition during transportation. The patient transport service is provided by modern, fully equipped ambulance cars.

This package is an additional option for any of our Health Insurance packages. It could be contracted only with existing corporate insurance.

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