Dietetics is the science of nutrition and alimentation. Our dietician, with clinical experience, provides up-to-date advice on how to achieve a balanced diet, along with personal dietary recommendations targeting the therapy of specific diseases. We also provide help in arranging special diets (in case of lactose and gluten sensitivity, diabetes, biliary tract disorders, inflammatory bowel disorders, etc.)

The dietetic consultation includes the following processes:

  • Establishing a dietetic/nutritional diagnosis (history and diet plan)
  • Integration of the dietetic aspects in the patient’s diet and lifestyle (promoting this with the application of sample diet plans and nutrition tables, as necessary)

Methods of dietetic counseling:

  • Taking a dietetic history
  • Anthropometric measurements (height, weight, BMI)
  • Diagnostic examinations (determination of body fat percentage, evaluation of food diary)
  • Dietary and nutritional recommendations (with sample diet plans and nutrition tables)
Dietetikai tanácsadás, Dietetika


We provide personalized dietary counseling based on the results.