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Cervical conisation (Conisaitio)

When is it necessary?

Conisation, i.e. conical dissection of the cervix, is performed when an abnormal cytological finding is obtained during cervical screening.

In such cases, surgical removal of the suspected tumour area is necessary to prevent the development of more severe conditions and to avoid the use of more drastic methods.

Conisation can be for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes: it can also be used to diagnose and cure chronic, inflammatory processes of the cervical, pre-tumorous diseases.

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How is the surgery performed?

The surgery is most often performed under anaesthesia. During the operation, you are in the usual pose for gynaecological examinations, our surgeon has access to the cervix through the vagina, so it takes place without abdominal cuts.

A few centimetres of a cone-shaped portion of the cervical tissue is excised, which is done by cold cutting, i.e. with a scalpel or an electric knife. The latter does not require stiches, the recovery time will also be shorter. During scalpel surgery, haemostasis is provided by sutures that are absorbed during surgery.

What happens after surgery?

The excised tissue is subjected to a thorough histological examination, which can be used to make an accurate diagnosis. Cervical conisation surgery usually means healing in the case of tumours and pathological processes that are just beginning or have already started, but are localized. After a short observation and recovery, you can return to your usual routine.

What are the risks of cervical conisation surgery?

  • Bleeding that can be controlled in a hospital setting
  • Inflammation that can be treated with antibiotics
  • In extremely rare cases, cervical stenosis may occur, in which case the dilation must be surgically treated.

However, in addition to these, it can be said that there is a much greater risk of not performing cervical surgery, as the complaints may worsen, more serious cancerous diseases are not recognized in time.

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