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Laboratory tests

Why Medicover Private Laboratory?

It is important to us that the laboratory test is as comfortable as possible for you, therefore:

  • We even provide appointments for the next day
  • Laboratory tests without a referral: we also perform the requested test without a doctor’s recommendation, however, we suggest that you consult a specialist beforehand, to determine which tests are recommended to perform knowing the complaints.
  • Blood draw immediately, without waiting: we are waiting for you at a pre-arranged time, you don’t have to wait for hours to have your turn
  • Laboratory kits for rapid diagnosis
  • Gentle blood draw: our experienced laboratory assistants perform blood draws quickly and professionally
  • There are no additional costs at Medicover
  • Blood draw is also possible at our clinics in Budapest and in the countryside
Medicover magánlabor

Why is laboratory testing important?

A laboratory test can help identify underlying diseases and symptoms and in certain cases, it can rule them out. It also helps in the early stages of diseases, recognizing them as soon as possible, finding out the risk factors of diseases, and assessing the effectiveness of therapies.

However, it is important to emphasize that the result of the laboratory test is not a diagnosis in itself, the measured results are included in the finding, for which the specialist ordering the examination gives a diagnosis and a treatment recommendation.

Hundreds of laboratory tests and various laboratory test packages are available to our customers from almost all branches of laboratory diagnostics.

How to prepare for the laboratory test?

Most blood tests (blood sugar, blood lipids, liver function, ions, iron) require an empty stomach with a fast of at least 12 hours before sampling, therefore blood draw is recommended in the morning. It is recommended to consume plenty of water before blood draw, as this makes sampling easier, and at the same time minimizes the inconveniences associated with it. However, alcohol, soft drinks and coffee must not be consumed prior to sampling because these will affect the test results.

Fasting before hormone and urine tests is not necessary.

Important information before the blood draw:

  • fluid intake is important prior to sampling, however, it does matter what you consume. On the day of sampling, drink only water but plenty of it before the test, as drinks containing sugar also affect the result.
  • the night before the test avoid fatty, carbohydrate and protein rich food
  • alcohol consumption in the days before sampling also affects some parameters
  • avoid extreme physical exercise the day before
  • smoking also affects the development of certain parameters
  • inform your doctor about your diet and weight loss that happened in the period before sampling

In the case of urine samples, a sample delivered in a medium jet, thoroughly washed, clean, well-sealed container or container is considered to be evaluable. Sampling is recommended after cleaning oneself so that the sample would not contain pathogens. Approximately 1dl urine is needed for the test.

For some laboratory tests or laboratory test packages, special requirements must be followed, e.g. in connection with a meals before a test, urine collection, or menstrual cycle.

Férfi nemi hormonok laborvizsgálata
Férfi nemi hormonok laborvizsgálata

How is blood drawn?

Blood is usually drawn from a vein in the arm, in the crook of the arm. Our laboratory assistant first places a venous clamp on the limb to make the blood vessels dilate and become more visible. The assistant then places the arm in a downward position, asking you to squeeze your hand into a fist if necessary, and then palpates the location of the vein.

Afterwards, the assistant disinfects the skin on which the sampling is done and makes a small puncture with a sterile needle. At the end of the needle, a small tube is inserted, into which the sample is placed. When sampling is complete, carefully removes the needle and squeezes a sterile piece of gauze onto the puncture. Keep this gauze pressed down on your outstretched arm for another 3-5 minutes to stop the bleeding and prevent bruising around the puncture.

Our assistants pay great attention to ensuring that your blood draw is gentle and as convenient as possible for you.

Blood draw in case of children

The veins of children are much thinner and more sensitive than the veins of adults. In their case, we pay special attention to gentle blood sampling so that the child feels as little pain as possible. Our experienced specialists take blood quickly and professionally even from a very thin vein. In case of the smallest patients, the blood is taken by a paediatrician.

Preparing children for blood sampling

Proper preparation greatly eases the child’s situation while also easing their anxiety about drawing blood. Medicover professionals do everything they can to minimize your child’s pain, while making sure they are in good hands. Our experienced laboratory assistants spend more time than usual, about 15-20 minutes, on preparing small children with playful activities.

To help your child feel safe, we encourage the parent to playfully – but not disregarding the importance of the situation – inform their kid about the event.

Do not say it is just a simple mosquito bite you do not even feel, but reassure them that they will feel only a small sting for a moment, and then the process goes completely painless. Explain why this is necessary. We can also play the process so that by the time the actual blood sampling takes place, the child is already properly prepared for the event.

What does the price of a laboratory test include?

The cost of the full laboratory test, as well as each laboratory test package, includes the cost of blood sampling and the evaluation of the sample. You can find out the price of each package by clicking on the specific package.

We would like to inform our dear Customers that if the amount of the reimbursement fee for the performed laboratory tests does not exceed HUF 4 000, we will charge a minimum testing fee of HUF 4 000. Please note that if you require an English-speaking medical assistant, there is an additional fee of HUF 7 500. Should you need an English finding, it costs HUF 15 000.

Laboratory test FAQ - Medicover

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