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Taking care of your employees’ health – Why is it worth it?

Employee health care, regular screenings, and annual examinations help identify critical points (e.g., excessive stress or physical exertion) where environmental or workflow-level intervention may be needed.

Employees are the most important “work tools” of a company, so there is no question that anything we can do to promote a healthy lifestyle and maintain health will also create value for the company.

What are the benefits of health insurance?

Annual examinations are an important part of a corporate health insurance. A screening usually involves a combination of personalized tests that include the most basic blood pressure and cholesterol measurements and specialist examinations, as well as lifestyle examination. It is also important for employees to be aware of their options, as it is about their health.

The possibility of continuously available healthcare offers significant benefits for the company:

  • Reduces the number of sick days and the cost of overtime and replacements
  • The company’s position on the job market is improving, which increases its competitiveness
  • Improves general state of mind and increases loyalty, reduces fluctuation and wage costs

Which examinations might be worth to have them performed periodically?

Examinations proposed for periodic control:

Where is employee satisfaction outstanding?

In addition to providing health screenings for employees, employee engagement is outstanding at companies that continuously communicates the importance of health screenings and supports healthy lifestyle and health preservation initiatives.

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Taking care of your employees’ health – Why is it worth it? - Medicover