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Research has proven the benefits of health insurance

Involving HealthPrize Technologies co-founder and the vice president of the Princeton Healthcare System, they examined the impact of health insurance on the employee and the company, after which four important areas were highlighted.

1. Health insurance minimizes the number of days lost from work

It is logical that a healthy employee spends less time away from work and thus is more productive. The better the health of an employee is, the less likely they are to be absent from work due to illness. Being mentally and physically well is important in preventing disease and maintaining health.

It was found that the attitude and efficiency of employees who participated in regular preventative examinations improved. This is an advantage for both parties: a healthy employee is more energetic, and the company’s performance increases.

2. Saves money

In all cases, responsible company management considers the long-term interests of the company when deciding on the health of its employees. Any absence from work is accompanied by work not done, which can also affect efficiency. A colleague who has been on sick leave for a long time due to a serious illness means additional costs for the company. Annual preventive examinations as well as stable, continuously available private health care provide a solid foundation for creating and maintaining a healthy workforce.

3. Increases satisfaction and commitment

With the introduction of health insurance, the company’s goals may also be purely economic, but even in this case, employee satisfaction will increase. Health benefits have been proven to help employers make their employees more committed. In some sectors and positions, it is no longer the employer who decides between candidates, but the employee who chooses where they want to work. Companies that offer such benefits and opportunities are more likely to win the best candidates. Additional advantage is that employees are more motivated, happier to work, and value this attitude and appreciation.

4. Health insurance is added value for both the company and the employee

Time is gaining more and more value, and with health insurance, a healthier lifestyle can help. Employees can pay more and more attention to other activities, focus their resources, be it on leisure activities or work. Colleagues inadvertently set a good example for their families, acquaintances, friends by “promoting” their respect for the company with their “health”.

+1 Generations Y and Z also consider corporate health insurance important

According to a study published by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, while Generation Y is least concerned about what fringe benefits a company provides, corporate health insurance has a prominent role in their opinion. 60% of those surveyed say corporate health insurance is the most attractive fringe benefit. It is worth expecting that this number will increase in the coming years as the oldest members of Generation Y soon reach the age of 40. This benefit is even more important for older generations, with 67% of baby boomers thinking it is the most important benefit, while 63% of Generation X think so too. Another research also highlights that Generation Z, whose oldest members are recently entering the job market and starting their first full-time job, also prioritize health insurance over office massage offered by the company or ping-pong tables in common areas.

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Research has proven the benefits of health insurance - Medicover

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