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7 things to know before you take out health insurance

Medical care has always been costly, but in recent decades, many of our own experience may justify the increasing cost of medicine. Health insurance provides a good opportunity not to burden our wallets if care is really needed. At the corporate level, it has a proven value-creating effect, increasing a sense of appreciation and loyalty.

We’ve gathered together, you definitely want to mention in the health care negotiations.

1. Seek an advice of health insurance experts.

Our health insurance trained professionals help your company find the right and best possible design for its employees.

2. What kind of insurance is required?

Each health insurer puts together different packages that have specific elements. The simplest insurances usually provide continuous filtering care and provide a certain number of care options for some acute problems.

The most popular packages already provide a continuous service covering all medical professions, ensuring that even in the case of a problem that requires a longer investigation, treatment can be provided in a safe and complex manner by a healthcare provider.

The highest level packages already cover hospital and surgical care.


3. What do we compare when choosing a health insurance package?

It is definitely interesting what kind of specialist and diagnostic tests the given package covers. Where the services are available is particularly important for a company with a nationwide network, whether a health care provider can be found in the vicinity of each of its sites, and whether a doctor is available on a short trip.

4. Who is covered by the benefit, is it possible to involve a family member?

Corporate health insurance provides employees for that company, but what about family members? Any added opportunities that focus on employee satisfaction and a sense of appreciation also have a positive impact on the company, so the possibility of family extensibility should also be considered.

5. On wich level does health insurance cover complementary therapies and benefits?

In addition to outpatient care, everyone in their lives periodically needs advanced diagnostic (MR, CT) examinations, one-day surgeries, infusion treatments, physiotherapy, therapeutic massage, dental screening and treatment. In the case of health insurance, it also arises on wich level the insurance covers whether any additional forms of care are available in the provider’s portfolio.

6. What kind of health preservation options does the provider offer in addition to health insurance?

It is also worth mentioning the added value of the health insurance package. Does the service provider organize presentations, orientations, or outsourced screenings at the company’s premises. Is a healthy lifestyle counseling, dietetic lecture available for employees?

7. Is it possible to view the service locations?

In addition to medical care, one of the very important elements of individual satisfaction is the care environment, the Clinic itself, possibly the Hospital. It is worthwhile to find out whether it is possible to see the future locations before signing the contract, whether the services offered are provided in an appropriate environment and of a high standard. The image of employees about a poorly chosen service provider can also affect the perception of the company.

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7 things to know before you take out health insurance - Medicover

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