Curettage (Abrasio uteri)

When is it necessary?

Curettage, a routine procedure also known as a gynaecological curette, is especially necessary when bleeding disorders of unknown origin occur.

These bleedings can be caused by hormonal disorders, but also by benign and malignant tumours of the endometrium, which are important to recognize in time.

Surgery can be both diagnostic and therapeutic: In the former case, a tissue sample is taken from the endometrium to determine the exact cause of the problem, and in case of treatment, the endometrium is removed.

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How is the surgery performed?

After preliminary examinations (laboratory tests, ECG, consultation), the intervention takes place within the framework of one-day surgery. The operation is performed under local anaesthesia or short-term anaesthesia.

During the procedure, the specialist disinfects the vagina with a special solution, empties the uterine cavity with a probe, and then removes the mucous membrane of the cervix and/or the uterine boy with a curette. The samples thus obtained are sent for histological examination.

The removed tissue is then subjected to a thorough histological examination to diagnose or rule out abnormal processes. Since curettage is done as part of a one-day surgery, you are discharged after a short period of observation and you can recover at home.

What are the risks of the procedure?

Hypersensitivity to anaesthetics or disinfectants may occur, but we can treat these immediately at our Hospital. Uteritis and inflammation of the pelvic organs can also occur, which can be treated with antibiotics.

Very rarely, injuries to the uterine wall may also occur, which may require further surgery (abdominal surgery or laparoscopy). During surgery, our goal is to close the wound and preserve the uterus.

However, it is more dangerous not to perform the examination, as pathological changes and anaemia may remain hidden, and a large degree of deterioration can occur.

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