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Ambulance – A new service in emergencies

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Medicover Emergency Ambulance Care

As the leading private healthcare provider in Central and Eastern Europe, Medicover considers it a priority to provide its customers with quality care in its services through continuous development, using the latest technologies. As a result from April 2018, our product range has been expanded with long-awaited additional health insurance packages.

Medicover Emergency service

Through the Medicover Emergency complementary health insurance packages, we provide high-level emergency ambulance services in more than 30 settlements in Budapest and Pest county, which our insured customers can use in the form of three different insurance packages.

By choosing one of the service packages employers can responsibly take care of their employees during work or home emergency care or rescue.

Medicover Emergency
Mit tartalmaz a Medicover Emergency kiegészítő egészségbiztosítási csomag?

What is included in the Medicover Emergency complementary package?

Through Medicover Emergency complementary insurance packages, our customers can receive a high level of medical care both at home and at work.

Medical personnel (ambulance officer, ambulance technician) trained throughout the rescue situation and experienced in emergency patient care deal with the patient and monitor their condition. We have new, modernly equipped, modern ambulances to supply it.

Why is it worth applying for the Medicover Emergency Supplemental Health Insurance Package now?

We offer our unique health insurance packages to our corporate clients * at outstandingly discounted and customer-friendly prices, thus expressing our appreciation for the fact that one of their important values has been entrusted to us – their health.

Where can you learn more about Medicover Emergency insurance packages?

For further details and composition of the Medicover Emergency health insurance package, as well as for more information, please contact our sales colleagues at the contact details provided.

* If their Employees already have a Spring Health Insurance package. In addition, Medicover Emergency service packages are mandatory for all Insureds belonging to the given group of insured persons. The Medicover Emergency service package is a supplementary cover to which the Medicover Group Health Insurance General Terms and Conditions apply.

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Ambulance - A new service in emergencies - Medicover Hospital

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