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Health insurance – Improves the competitiveness of companies and also represents value to employees

According to the data of the Hungarian Central Statistics Office (CSO), the number of sick days in Hungary has been steadily increasing since 2013, which not only increases health insurance expenditures, but also affects the competitiveness of Hungarian companies, as they are forced to replace the lost workforce with overtime or redeployment.

The involvment of companies is well illustrated by the fact that, in addition to 15 days of sick leave (the burden of which is entirely on the employer), employees spent 6.6 days on sick pay and the number of sick days exceeded 26 million in 2019.

Health maintenance to reduce sick days


From the data above, it is clear that this is not a negligible problem. The illnesses that caused most of the time spent on sick pay for employees could be largely prevented. According to the sick pay data, almost 25% of the cases were due to diseases of the musculoskeletal system, almost 10% diseases of the respiratory system, 13% infectious diseases, and 8.4% diseases of the digestive system.

An important element of prevention is that if health deterioration occurs, we try to restore it as soon as possible and prevent the situation from getting worse. As the Covid-19 epidemic has put public health in a difficult position, patients may be able to receive adequate care more slowly than before, which in some cases may lead to even longer periods of sick leave.

Not only is the number of sick days increasing, but spending on sick pay as well

The loss of an employee due to illness has several additional costs, especially if this period is prolonged. The tax and contributory absence pay for the first 15 days of sick leave, overtime, and the cost of hiring another colleague in the event of a longer absence are the burden of the employer. Absence due to illness can be significantly shortened if the employer provides accessible, quality health care and regular screening to its employees.

According to the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary (Hungarian acronym: NEAK)  2019 Statistical Yearbook, paying for sick leave each year is costly not only for the state, but for employers as well. In 2018, the amount disbursed for payment reached 116 billion HUF, then in 2019 it increased further and exceeded 132 billion HUF. The share of the employer’s contribution within sickness expenditures was 26.2% in 2018, which cost companies more than 30 billion HUF, and then this amount increased further in 2019, reaching 34 billion HUF.

Health insurance for fast and reliable care

The complex healthcare service offered by Medicover’s corporate health insurance allows the employee to receive adequate care in a significantly shorter time.

We have briefly summarized the benefits of health insurance for companies:

It reduces the time spent on sick pay
It reduces the amount spent on sick leave and employer contributions
It increases commitment and reduces fluctuation

The spending of sick pay in Hungary is constantly increasing

Based on the complaints, our customer service team refer the patient to the appropriate specialist. We can make an appointment at the same time as the call, within a few working days.

Thereafter, the specialist examinations, diagnostic and advanced diagnostic examinations (MRI, CT), as well as laboratory examinations and follow-up examinations necessary for establishing the diagnosis may also take place within a few working days. This significantly reduces the time to make a diagnosis, allows treatment to be started quickly, and shortens the recovery time.

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Health insurance - improves the competitiveness of companies

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