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Medicover Hospital: inpatient care and stay in a private hospital

Staying at Medicover Hospital

The specialists of Medicover Hospital are highly qualified and dedicated, recognized and sought after both in Hungary and abroad. It is not the disease that is cured, but the person, based on the principle that “each case requires individual and special attention”.

At Medicover Hospital, doctors and professional staff work to ensure that you receive a diagnosis as soon as possible, then personalized therapy so that you can be at home with your loved ones as quickly as possible.

Medicover Private Hospital awaits its clients with 60 beds, air-conditioned rooms with bathroom, refrigerator and television. We use modern instruments in our operating rooms, thus ensuring the application of gentle surgical techniques and procedures.

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Who and when can use the services of Medicover Hospital?

Medicover’s insured clients and clients who visit our specialist clinics as individuals can turn to us with confidence. In all cases, after consulting or having an examination with our specialists, the patient may be recommended for hospital care or surgery. Of course, our specialists can be visited with a diagnosis received at other institutions, and decide on hospital care during the course of a consultation.

If you need surgery, we will perform preliminary examinations at our hospital with a short deadline. You will receive detailed information from our specialists about the type and date of the operation, the examinations required for anaesthesia, and you can ask questions and request information about your illness and care. In each case, the hospital case manager will assist you in organizing the examinations.

Medicover Magánkórház recepció

Care specialties

At Medicover Private Hospital, we provide general surgical, otolaryngologic, gynaecological, orthopaedic, hand surgery, urologic and ophthalmic surgical and inpatient care to our clients who turn to us with confidence.

Preoperative examinations

Prior to surgery, our case manager will contact you and arrange appointments for preliminary examinations.

Anaesthesiologic consultation, ECG examination, laboratory tests, and chest X-ray are required before each operation.

These examinations should be performed approximately one week before the scheduled surgery. The examinations and surgery both take place in the hospital.

[info_box title=”” image=”” animate=””]It is important to bring your medical records, medical findings – previous outpatient forms, medical opinions, final reports, and a surgical consent form from your specialist – for a preoperative anaesthesiology consultation![/info_box]

Arrival for surgery

Prepare the baggage for your hospital stay the night before:

  • findings related to the operation (outpatient forms, medical opinions, final reports)
  • slippers, comfortable clothes, pyjamas
  • everyday appliances – glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, insulin dispensers, asthma pump, etc.
  • drugs that you take regularly

On the day of surgery, we wait for you our institution at 7 a.m. and ask you to arrive on an empty stomach. Do not eat or drink from midnight after 8 pm the day before surgery. In the morning, only take your medicine as discussed with your doctor before you leave.

After occupying the room, you will receive disposable clothing and our staff will accompany you to the operating room.

Medicover Magánkórház

Medicover Hospital offers the following to its clients

  • modern, air-conditioned single room with a pleasant atmosphere
  • private bathroom
  • a hospital case manager helps organize examinations and surgeries
  • bathroom with shower gel and towels
  • the room has its own refrigerator
  • well-equipped kitchen, personalized diet supervised by a dietitian
  • unlimited and free WIFI use, television

Visiting hours

It is important for us to provide our patients with the best specialist care as well as peace and comfort. Therefore, in our hospital, please comply with the following:

Visiting hours: between 17:00-19:00 every day.

  • Please report to the reception on the ground floor, where our colleagues will inform the inpatient unit about your arrival. 
  • A maximum of two visitors per patient a day are allowed for 30 minutes, while one relative can visit a patient for 60 minutes.

Other information

We recommend that you come to the hospital with a companion, because unfortunately we cannot provide a parking space for your car for the duration of your hospital stay.

Departure after surgery

After one-day surgery, our patients can leave Medicover Hospital on the evening of the day of surgery. After surgeries that require several days of hospital care, the patient is always discharged in the morning.

Medicover Hospital: inpatient care and stay in a private hospital - Medicover

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