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Surgeries, inpatient care

At Medicover Hospital, we use cutting edge medical equipment and provide state-of-the-art surgical and patient care facilities for successful treatment and your comfort. Our private hospital awaits our patients with 60 beds, air-conditioned rooms and personalized care. We provide around-the-clock nurse supervision during your stay. We use state-of-the-art instruments in our operating rooms, thus ensuring the application of gentle surgical techniques and procedures.

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Surgeries, inpatient care

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General Surgery

At Medicover Private Hospital, we perform both one-day and hospital-required surgeries (e.g., gallstone removal, varicose veins, hernia surgeries).

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When choosing gynaecological surgery, we always prefer low-strain interventions and surgical procedures using hysteroscopy and laparoscopy.

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When it comes to ophthalmic inpatient care, we have a number of surgical options available (e.g. pterygium surgery, fibroid, barley, atheroma removal, cataract surgery).

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Medicover Hospital’s urological inpatient care covers the surgical treatment of certain diseases of the female and male urinary tract – kidneys, urethra, bladder.

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During orthopaedic care, musculoskeletal lesions are treated, e.g. surgical treatment of tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilages, or they are replaced (knee prosthesis, hip prosthesis).

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Otolaryngology (ENT)

The otolaryngology department deals with surgical treatment of the diseases of the ears, nose, pharynx, larynx, salivary glands, and cervical organs.


Hand surgery

The task of the hand surgeon is primarily to heal the injuries and degenerative lesions of the hand, primarily surgically, as well as to treat developmental disorders of the hand, inflammatory and cancerous lesions.


Vascular surgery

Vascular surgery deals with the treatment of diseases of the blood vessels, primarily the arteries and veins. This includes vasoconstriction, varicose veins, vasodilation, thrombosis and their treatment.


Hospital Care

Medicover Hospital and Clinic provides one of the highest quality services in private healthcare in Hungary. Our highly-qualified and recognized specialists treat not only the disease, but the whole person.

Surgeries, inpatient care - Medicover

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