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Stool analysis

Why is laboratory testing important?

Laboratory tests can help identify or, where appropriate, rule out the underlying diseases.

However, it is important to highlight that the result of a laboratory test does not in itself constitute a diagnosis, only the results are included in the finding. You will receive the diagnosis, therapy or treatment recommendation from your specialist or treating physician who ordered the laboratory tests.

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Laboratóriumi székletvizsgálat

Stool analysis

From the colour and texture of the stool, a lot can be established about our condition. In case of altered function affecting digestion (e.g. chronic diarrhoea, sudden weight loss), laboratory faecal examination is required. The results of faecal culture can be used to determine whether we have a normal flora and it also draws attention to the presence of possible pathogens, bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.

Stool analysis - Medicover

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