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Price list - Medicover Clinic Veszprém

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Laboratory testsMore >>
ABPM application5000
ABPM evaluation by an internist21000
ABPM evaluation by a cardiologist24000
Internal medicine specialty examination21000
Internal medicine specialty follow up examination16000
Endocrinological specialty examination20000
Otolaryngological (ENT) specialty examination21000
Neurological specialty examination22000
Gynecological specialty examination with cytology and ultrasound28000
Gynecological specialty follow up examination24000
Pulmonology specialty examination21000
Rheumatology specialty examination21000
Ophthalmology specialty examination20000
Children's (pediatric) abdominal ultrasound imaging21000
Children's (pediatric) soft tissue ultrasound imaging25000
Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound imaging21000
Joint ultrasound imaging22000
Soft tissue (testis) ultrasound imaging21000
Soft tissue (lymphatic region) ultrasound imaging21000
Thyroid ultrasound imaging21000
Peripheral vascular Doppler ultrasound imaging22000
Dermatology specialty examination21000
Holter monitoring (24-hour ECG) placement
Holter monitoring (24-hour ECG) evaluation
Cardiology specialty examination
Cardiology Start package (with ECG, cardiac ultrasound and specialty examination)43000
Rest ECG6000
Stress ECG24000
Post Covid-19 cardiology basic package64900
Cardiac ultrasound24000
X-ray (per image)11000
Chest X-ray (per image)10000
Urological examination22000
Gastroenterology specialty examinaiton23000
Orthopedic specialty examination25000
Histology (by piece)15500
Helicobacter breath test20000
Therapeutic massage7500
Skin lesion removal42500
Removal of ingrown nail25000
Carotid duplex ultrasound22000
H2 breath test22900
General surgery consultation18000

The price lists do not contain the fee of all available tests and services, for further information please call our Customer Service line on +36 1 465 3100.

The listed prices are available for Clients with Medicover Health Insurance and/or a valid Hungarian social security number (TAJ). If you do not have a Hungarian social security number or Medicover Health Insurance, the prices may vary from those listed here.

Price list, service fees - Medicover Clinic Veszprém - Medicover

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