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Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, plays an important role in maintaining the proper functioning of the human central nervous system and brain. The human body is unable to synthesize the vitamin, so it absorbs the required amount through food. Vitamin B12 is essential for tissue and cell regeneration and DNA synthesis. Folic acid and vitamin B12, in addition to the proper functioning of the nervous system, are essential for cell division and are therefore extremely important in fetal development. Besides, B12 is involved in protein synthesis and cellular metabolism too.

What does the test show?

Total vitamin B12 test helps to detect B12 deficiency of the body.

In what cases is it recommended to perform the test?

The test is usually ordered if a blood count test shows a higher concentration of red blood cells and a decrease in hemoglobin level. The test can be used to diagnose macrocytic anemia.

It can help to find the cause of neuropathies (limb numbness, burning, tingling sensation).

For elder people, in the case of changes in the state of mind and behavior (depression, confusion), a test is requested to determine vitamin B12 levels.

The test is also recommended in case of indigestion or malabsorption (eg gluten sensitivity, Crohn’s disease, colitis).

What kind of sample is needed for the test?

A blood sample, taken from a vein, is needed for the test.

What could the result show?

If the laboratory test result is lower than the normal range, vitamin B12 malabsorption or anemia may be suspected.

What to do after the test?

The test itself cannot diagnose any disease, in all cases consult an internist or hematologist to determine the exact diagnosis and the required therapy.

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