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CEA laboratory test

Carcinoembryonic antigen is a protein produced by embryonic as well as tumor cells. The CEA test is not fit for cancer screening, it is best used to monitor the course of the disease and to monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

What is the purpose of the test?

CEA is a tumor marker that is not usually detected in the blood of a healthy patient. If the CEA protein is still present in the blood, it indicates the presence of a fast-growing group of cells, a tumor, in the body. This may be an indicator of disease, but the value does not provide information about what pathological process it is.  The test is primarily suitable for controlling the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

When it is recommended?

Testing may be warranted even when cancer is only suspected. The value measured at the start of therapy is needed to assess the effectiveness of treatment. This value is then compared to later results of CEA tests performed at certain intervals.

What sample should be taken for the test?

A blood sample taken from an elbow vein is required for the test.

What does the test indicate?

High CEA levels are not always a problem. However, it can occur in cirrhosis, colon cancer, or other cancers. The test result is best suited during treatment, to monitor it, and to detect tumor recurrence.

What to do after your results arrive?

The CEA test alone is not enough to make a diagnosis, as in most cases other, additional tests are needed, and the test is mostly performed for non-diagnostic purposes (recurrence of the disease, assessment of the effectiveness of treatment). In all cases, please consult the specialist who ordered the test.

CEA laboratory test - Medicover

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