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Faecal calprotectin

Calprotectin is a biochemical marker, which is suitable for distinguishing between organic (e.g. chronic inflammatory bowel disease, infectious diseases, polyp, colon cancer) and functional (e.g. irritable bowel syndrome) intestinal diseases. In Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, a faecal quantitative calprotectin test is ideal for monitoring disease activity and following the therapy.

Calprotectin is a low molecular weight protein found in many body fluids (synovial fluid, urine, saliva, faeces). Its numerous biological effects are known, including its ability to bind calcium and zinc.

The test can be used to check for elevated calprotectin levels in the faeces. This suggests that there is inflammation in the gut, as this substance is found primarily in white blood cells.

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How do I prepare for the test?

It is important to note that diarrheal stools are not suitable for testing and sampling should not take place during menstruation! The sample must be taken using a special sampling device, which can be requested at the reception of our Clinics.

When is the result expected?

On the 7th working day following the test.

Faecal calprotectin - Medicover

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