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CK (Creatine Kinase)

Creatine kinase is an enzyme, which is responsible for the cells’ energy production. It can be found in several parts of the body and is labeled accordingly: it is presented in the heart muscle (CK-MB), skeletal muscle (CK-MM), brain (CK-BB), and intestinal tract (CK-BB). A healthy body does not secrete the enzyme into the bloodstream. If it can be measured in the blood, it’s usually coming primarily from skeletal muscles due to damage or muscle energy production.

What does the test show?

The test measures the amount of creatine kinase in the blood.

In what cases is it recommended to perform the test?

The doctor will order the examination primarily if you experience chest pain and heart attack symptoms, or muscle pain or muscle weakness.

What kind of sample is needed for the test?

A blood sample, taken from a vein, is needed for the test.

What does the result refer to?

If creatine kinase level is lower, a decrease in muscle mass may be suspected, which can usually occur in elder age.

A higher value may indicate the following problems:

  • myocarditis
  • heart attack
  • renal failure
  • thyroid dysfunction
  • stroke
  • central nervous system problems

What else can cause elevated CK activity?

CK activity may also be elevated in individuals with higher muscle mass, especially after exercise. Excessive alcohol consumption can also be a cause. Muscle damage, surgery, and certain medications (especially cholesterol-lowering drugs) could also result in higher creatine kinase levels.


What to do after the test?

The test itself cannot diagnose any disease, in all cases consult an internist or hematologist to determine the exact diagnosis and the required therapy.

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