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Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage within physiotherapy is a treatment performed by a medical massage therapist, which is always provided on the basis of a medical indication. Its purpose is rehabilitation, most of the time it focuses only on the ill part of the body. Therapeutic massage is a form of massage performed for medical purposes, in accordance with the instructions of a doctor, based on Swedish massage.

Therapeutic massage includes Swedish, segmental, connective tissue and periosteal (bone) massage. After the massage, the masseur uses the appropriate movements and mobilization techniques.

These techniques also relieve pain by causing joint regeneration, loosening of adhered muscles, and blood flow.

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For rheumatological and orthopaedical problems, therapeutic massage is often recommended as a supplemental treatment to physiotherapy, because the muscles prepared for the massage can be charged more easily and better, and we relax the muscles with the help of the massage.

Therapeutic massage at Medicover

Our medical massage therapists select the right massage therapy according to the medical prescriptions and the needs of the patient.

For each treatment, they work with your doctor and physiotherapist to improve the given condition and so that the positive effects could be felt sooner.

If your doctor recommends a massage, it is advised to start the treatment series within 30 days and complete it within 2 months for best results. Of course, if other health problems occur during treatment, the course of treatment may be changed consulting your specialist.

How does the massage go?

  • It is always done on a special massage bed
  • Massage requires a free skin surface, usually in underwear, but the rest of the body is covered except for the area to be treated
  • The duration of treatment is 20-25 minutes
Therapeutic massage - Medicover

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