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How can I make use of Medicover Emergency Contingent Service?

The below guide explains the steps to follow if you would like to make use of the Medicover Emergency insurance package provided by your employer.

The process

Answering questions asked by the dispatcher, following the dispatcher’s instructions.


Dial the following phone number
(only in case of health-related problems):
+36 1 6 112 000.

You will be informed about the expected arrival of the ambulance and provided medical assistance over the phone until the paramedics’ arrival.

Medicover Emergency insurance


Modern, well-equipped Mercedes-Benz ambulances


Highly qualified, experienced paramedics


Emergency patient transport


On-site emergency care


Number of Insureds Maximal total number of providing pro year
50-99 40
100- 199 50
200- 499 100
500- 1000 200
Person entitled to insurance services (Insured person) Employee
Availability day / hour every day between 0:00-24:00
Providing the service from the departure of ambulance within 2 hours / within 15 minutes
Location Budapest and its environs
Discount rate of fees for registered Family Members per event 44%
Percentage of discount from the list price of services provided by the Medicover Zrt. ambulance units over the limit 44%
Limit on the number of visits if service is provided in 2-6 hours occasion/year/Insured 2
Limit on the number of visits if service is provided in 2 hours occasion/year/Insured 2


In which parts of Hungary is the service available?

The service is available in the following locations:

  • Alsónémedi
  • Biatorbágy
  • Budakalász
  • Budakeszi
  • Budapest
  • Budaörs
  • Csömör
  • Diósd
  • Dunaharaszti
  • Dunakeszi
  • Dunavarsány
  • Ecser
  • Érd
  • Felsőpakony
  • Fót
  • Gödöllő
  • Gyál
  • Gyömrő
  • Halásztelek
  • Isaszeg
  • Kerepes
  • Kistarcsa
  • Maglód
  • Mogyoród
  • Nagytarcsa
  • Páty
  • Pécel
  • Pomáz
  • Szada
  • Szentendre
  • Szigetszentmiklós
  • Taksony
  • Törökbálint
  • Üllő
  • Üröm
  • Vecsés

Ambulance calls to these locations are charged in accordance with the effective price list

  • if the emergency is not within the scope of the insurance
  • if the emergency involves a family member who had previously been registered with Medicover as co-insured (a special discount price is applied in this case)

When can I call a Medicover ambulance?

In medical emergencies covered by the insurance plan if they happen at home, at work or in the home of an acquaintance in one of the locations listed above.

Here are a few examples:

pneumonia heart attack
persistent vomiting/diarrhea asthma attacks
low back pain (LBP) allergic reactions
thrombosis loss of consciousness
UTIs stroke

When should I NOT call a Medicover ambulance?

  • In emergencies when the distance between the patient and the ambulance is more than 15km or when the ambulance cannot get to the patient in less than 15 minutes
  • In case of a medical emergency which occurred in a public place or institution, especially if the emergency is related to a traffic accident
  • In medical emergencies falling within the scope of National Ambulance Service (OMSZ)
  • In these cases please dial 112, the number of National Ambulance Service’s dispatch center.


Here are a few examples of when a Medicover ambulance ought NOT to be called:

Road accidents Self harm
Onset of labor Prescriptions
Prescription drug overdose Children’s health issues below the age of 12
Intoxication Criminal activity
Violence-related injuries Psychiatric disorders
Vision problems Skin problems
Home care

Types of care

On-site care:
You receive the appropriate care for your condition on the spot, no further treatment is needed.

On-site care and outpatient appointment:
You receive the appropriate care for your condition on the spot and the paramedics book you in for an outpatient follow-up appointment with a specialist.

On-site emergency care with patient transport:
If additional emergency treatment is necessary the Medicover ambulance transports you to the closest emergency room equipped to treat your condition according to OMSZ guidelines.

What is the cost of care?

Beneficiary: Emergency services outside the scope of the beneficiary’s insurance package – currently 28.000 HUF/person/call

Beneficiary’s co-insured family member: Discount price – currently 28.000 HUF/person/call

Beneficiary’s not co-insured family members: Discount price – currently 38.000 HUF/person/call

Acquintances and business partners: Full price – currently 50.000 HUF/person/call

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