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Faecal pancreatic enzyme (elastase)

Faecal pancreatic elastase is a marker of decreased pancreatic function resulting from any pancreatic dysfunction (inflammation, tumour, diabetes, removal). It is not affected by pancreatic enzyme replacement.

This test measures the amount of elastase 1 enzyme produced by the pancreas in a stool sample, and can be used to diagnose pancreatic diseases with insufficient digestive enzyme production. Pancreatic elastase 1 passes through the digestive tract intact, allowing painless enzyme levels to be determined in the stool.

The content of level 1 faecal pancreatic elastase can already detect mild pancreatic insufficiency.

How do I prepare for the test?

It is important to note that diarrheal stools are not suitable for testing and sampling should not take place during menstruation! The sample must be taken using a special sampling device, which can be requested at the reception of our Clinics.

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