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Clinical urine tests

Why is laboratory testing important?

Laboratory tests can help identify or, where appropriate, rule out the underlying diseases.

However, it is important to highlight that the result of a laboratory test does not in itself constitute a diagnosis, only the results are included in the finding. You will receive the diagnosis, therapy or treatment recommendation from your specialist or treating physician who ordered the laboratory tests.

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Clinical urine tests

A urine test can also shed light on kidney function diseases and a number of internal medicine problems. Analysis of urine samples can detect urinary tract infections, but the result can also indicate the presence of diabetes or inflammation in the body.

Healthy urine is sterile and free of pathogens, so it is important to pay attention to the method of collecting the urine sample. For the test, we provide a clean, well-sealed container before the test, we can only accept the sample submitted in it.

Before giving the sample, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the lower part of the body, so that no pathogens can enter the urine sample.

For the urine test, you need to provide a morning, mid-stream urine, which means that the first part of the urine must be emptied, and then 0.5-1 dl of urine must be collected without interruption into the collection container provided by us. Make sure that the edge of the container does not come into contact with anything to ensure that the sample remains pathogen-free.

A sample taken no more than 2 hours before the test is most suitable.

In some cases, a 24- or 12-hour collected urine sample must be provided.

Available laboratory tests

  • 24-hour copper after D-penicillamin
  • Iodine (urine)
  • Microalbumin
  • Urine and urine sediment analysis
  • Urine Calcium (24 hours)
  • Urine glucose (quantity)
  • Urine drug test
Clinical urine tests - Medicover

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