Medicover E-receipt

With Medicover E-receipt, our new telemedicine service, our patients are able get a prescription quickly and easily without having to visit our doctor’s office. Once your E-Receipt is prescribed by our physician you can redeem it in any of the pharmacies.

To have your E-receipt prescribed please book an E-Doctor or E-receipt appointment.

E-receipt is also available for our non-insured clients by using our E-Doctor service.

If you would like to have your medication prescribed with online receipt, please call our Call Center on 06 1 465 3100 for your appointment. Once your E-receipt is prepared you will be informed by our Call Center on e-mail. There are two possibilities with regards to your medication:

  1. In case of medicines such as contraceptive and antihypertensive pills previously prescribed by our physicians, you can book an E-receipt appointment.
  2. In any other cases our patients are kindly asked to book an E-Doctor appointment first via our Call Center.

For our insured clients E-receipt is free of charge except for contraceptive pills, where cost of e-prescription is 3,000 HUF.

If E-Doctor is required by using our form, you will be contacted by our Call Center.

Your E-Doctor consultation will be provided at the time pre-arranged by our Call Center.

E-receipt is available for non-insured patients as well via E-Doctor, our medical phone consultation. Appointments for E-Doctor can be booked either by calling our Call Center on +36 1 465 3131 or by filling in the form on our E-Doctor webpage by clicking here.

E-Doctor for our non-insured patients costs 19,500 HUF including cost of E-receipt as well. After having your E-Doctor appointment booked we send you a proforma invoice per e-mail. The service cost can be arranged via bank transfer. E-Doctor consultation can only be used once the cost of service is received by Medicover.

Those non-insured patients who would like to have their regularly taken medication prescribed and do not want to use E-Doctor, can use our E-receipt service by calling our Call Center. The cost of E-receipt is 5,000 HUF and can be arranged via bank transfer.

Please be advised that you can use E-Receipt without having an E-Doctor consultation previously only in case your medication was prescribed by our physicians formerly. If you your symptoms have changed, deteriorated, you have new symptoms or you would like to have a medication that wasn’t prescribed by our doctors before we kindly ask you to book an E-Doctor appointment first.

Our bank account:

  • Medicover Zrt.
  • 12001008-01308568-00100008

We kindly ask our patients to provide the following details in the note field while arranging your bank transfer:

  • First and last name
  • Medicover E-Doctor
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