Septin 9 colon cancer screening

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Painless colon cancer screening from blood

Measurement of Septin 9 is a modern, reliable test for colon cancer screening. In case of a colon tumour, a laboratory tests can detect a protein called Septin 9 in the intestinal villi from a methylated DNA sample. Septin 9 protein regulates cell growth according to its role, while preventing cells from dividing too quickly.

When is colon cancer screening recommended?

Colon cancer is the second most common cancer in both women and men. More than three-quarters of patients diagnosed with colon cancer are over 50 years of age. 7-8 thousand new diseases are registered in Hungary every year. The disease, which develops over several years or even decades, may not produce noticeable symptoms for a long time, but the chances of survival after the development of metastases are minimal.

Septin 9 colon cancer screening is especially recommended over the age of 50 but is suggested over the age of 40 in case of familial occurrence.

Who is Septin 9 screening recommended for?

Early-stage colon cancer has a good chance of being cured (91%). Regular colon cancer screening is important because the symptoms of the disease – bloody or dark stools, mucous stools, anaemia due to continuous tumour bleeding, abdominal pain, frequent diarrhoea, constipation – usually occur only in the later stages, which significantly worsens the recovery opportunities.

The Septin 9 colon cancer screening test is definitely recommended for patients over the age of 50 (over the age of 40 in case of familial occurrence) who do not undertake the discomfort associated with colonoscopy. If the patient is suspected of having inflammatory bowel disease, it is also recommended that the test be performed.

Screening for colon cancer from blood is the most effective way to diagnose the disease at an early stage.

Colonoscopy is suitable for detecting pre-cancerous conditions (rectal polyps). Depending on the results of the Septin 9 screening test, it is recommended that you consult a gastroenterologist.

How do I prepare for the test?

Having an empty stomach for the Septin 9 test is not required.

When is the result expected?

After the 17th working day following the test.

How much does Septin 9 colon cancer screening cost?

60 000 HUF

What to do after the laboratory test?

In case of a cut-off value or a positive finding, a colonoscopy is required.

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